What’s This All About?

When I started this blog back in 2007, I had a one year old Woobie.  Papa2Roo and I had adopted him at birth and were in one of those “semi-open” adoption arrangements that equated to being pretty darn closed.  At that time we were really not happy with that arrangement, and this space offered me a place to wax poetic about all the things I wanted “Mama N.”  to know about Woob and what we wanted to know about her, and just wanting some connection that was so terribly lacking.

Read through a little bit further and you’ll find that we’ve made that connection and are in a fully open adoption with all its blessings and pitfalls.  We have become family.  And, because we’re family, things aren’t always perfect and we are bumbling through as best we can.  Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we need a do-over.  Because we know how important all this is for the Woob–now and always–no matter what he one day decides to do with it all.

Welcome to our story.


4 responses to “What’s This All About?

  1. Hi Em,

    What a great idea and blog you have got going here! I plan to check back often. It’s nice to know others who are going through some of the same emotions I am…



  2. Hi M
    Saw your comment on my blog and just thought I’d say hi, and thank you for the interest shown in my book. My adoption was closed and kept secret from me for 37 years and even now everything’s “out in the open” and I’ve gone so far as to write and publish a book about my experience, the subject is still pretty much taboo in my adoptive family.
    Anyway, just thought I’d touch base. Keep in touch.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that i think you’re amazing. Thank You, from the bottom and top of my heart for being such a great Mom 😉
    Mama Kris xxxooo

  4. I’m a birth mother in an open adoption. I see my biological daughter and her parents a few times a year and it still isn’t easy. For 3 years it wasn’t easy because I was seeing a beautiful little girl and felt a lot of “what ifs”, and now it’s not easy because I know she’s alright and I’m ready to move on. I never want my appearance to ever “define her”. Her parents love her so much, and that’s little I have credit for. However as difficult as it is to have the occasional visit, I don’t ever want her to feel I moved on and didn’t love her or want to see her anymore. It’s a constant struggle to make myself available, as I now am making a family of my own, but I’m still here as long as she wants/needs me. Thank you for your blog. It gives me a fresh perspective and empathy for my little girl’s parents.

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