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Getting Back on Track

Well, getting BACK to getting back on track, I should say.  The past few months have been interesting, to say the least.  When we last met here on this little blog, I was freaking out a bit about making the decision to build a new home, and the impacts that would have on my little family.  That freakout back there?  Nothing compared to what was to come.  Suffice it to say, that it has been a ROUGH couple of months, thanks to a hellish journey brought to me by a little, tiny, anti-anxiety med which I am happy happy happy to now have out of my system completely.  Seems I can really handle my own anxiety, but the magnified anxiety along with severe physical illness that accompanied it while on the med?  No Thanks!  Maybe I’ll tell you more some day, but just know it was ugly.  For far too long.  But, things are much better now.  Oh, and it turns out that we have not bankrupted ourselves as I just KNEW we would, and also it turns out that we’ve got ourselves a really pretty new house to move into next week.  So Yay, US!

And while all this was happening, our little boy has continued to grow and grow…you know you’ve been away from the blog too long, when your 5 year old learns to read and to ride a bike in the time since writing the last blog post!

Adoption-wise, we’re rolling along just fine.  Still trying to find a good time to get together with Woob’s first family–wish they lived closer.  Its been far too long since we’ve seen them.  If you’re praying people, please send a prayer up for their housing and job situation.  Woob is wanting his grandma to take him to see Kung Fu Panda 2, but we’re holding out until we can take him so if he has any questions resulting from what I understand to be a Po-going-on-a-journey-to-find-his-biological-father storyline.  Fairly certain his grandma would answer questions or respond just a bit differently than we would.

So, to recap what’s been happening the past few months:

1.  built home from start to finish in three months

2.  child growing by leaps and bounds

3.  took medication I should never take again in this lifetime, for fear I might die if I do

4.  moving next week

5.  need a vacation I’m not gonna get anytime soon

Hope you’re all enjoying the start of your summer!




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