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Standing Still, Moving On

The past month has been a whirlwind, and the next two promise to be the same. 

We’re a month into our “building-a-house-pare-way-back” budget.  Getting used to it, but many adjustments.  My anxiety is going down a bit, but I dream something about the new house every single night.  And the house?  Is going up fast enough to make your head spin.  We’ve got a basement and the house is fully framed now.  By the end of next week, we should have a full shell of a house, ready for interior finish work.  Sheesh.

And on the current homefront, hubby insists on doing some final projects before we put our house up for sale, but geesh, the work is going slowly all the way around, various areas a kind of torn up, and I am seemingly never going to be able to purge all the crap we have sitting around this house.  We’ve been here 17 years.  Ugh.  The whole thing seems insurmountable and overwhelms me.  I just filled about 8 boxes from our “junk room” and put them in the kitchen to haul away to storage, and the junk room still so completely qualifies as the junk room.  Barely a dent.

There are so many mixed feelings surrounding this move.  First, financial–enough said.  Second, this is the house where we brought our baby home and have raised him his first five years.  The next house is the one where he’ll likely learn to ride a bike, make friends he’ll go to school and sports teams with, have sleepovers, and eventually high school parties.   So much to look forward to in the new house.  But still…his babyhood is here.  He cooed in his crib, took his first bath, his first steps and first words in this house.  I wonder how much he’ll remember about living here as time passes.

And this year brings other transitions at the same time.  Woob is going to Kindergarten in the fall.  He’ll be leaving the safety and love of the daycare/preschool where he’s gone since he was two.  None of the little friends he’s had for those years will be moving on to the school where he will go.  Life for him will be a series of changes, adventures, and possible insecurities for the next few months.  I think I’d rather just snap my fingers and be six months down the road already.

So that’s my story today…what’s going on with you?



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