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Who, ME?

When I was in college, I was at a club with friends.  I was standing in the loud, crowded bar area, and across the room on the other side of the bar, there was this really hawt guy (with a 90’s pony tail), yelling to me.  He waved and shouted, “hey, beautiful!  I want to talk to YOU!”  And I smiled and waved back, feeling very pretty, very proud that I could attract such a creature.  Until I realized he was calling to my friend standing right beside me.  Story of my life.  They got married a few years later, by the way, and live happily together with their two pretty children on the other side of town.  True Story.  Anyhoo.

I was feeling much the same when I got an email last week from someone claiming to be from Adoptive Families Magazine, telling me my blog was to be featured in their March/April issue as a “Top Adoption Blog.”  Having been burned once before (or maybe more, I won’t tell), I looked to see if this was somehow a scam/spam–the email equivalent of looking back over my shoulder to make sure they weren’t talking to the pretty girl behind me.  But this time, no mistake.  Someone, somewhere thought I was pretty  had something to contribute to the adoption world through my blog.  Which amazes and thrills me, enough to actually post something after WAAAY too long of a hiatus. 

I’ve seen just a few of the other folks who will also be featured, and I’m beyond humbled to be in their company…I think there are so many different voices that have an important truth to tell, and I’m pleased many will be getting the recognition and increased readership.  I’m anxious to see the whole list, and when the article comes out, I’ll put up links to the others in case you haven’t found them yet.  I can’t wait to see the issue!



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