Radio Silence-Update

I finally sent an email to Grampa G. yesterday and he so graciously replied, and sent pictures of N. and her family:)  Apparently all is well in the land of N., despite us not hearing from her in so long.  They indeed, did move to a bigger, safer house, work is steady and everyone’s healthy.  I really do love Grampa G.  We were hoping he’d be down this way at the end of the semester, as his girlfriend’s daughter attends college in our city, and he was here to help move her in–he unfortunately has a conflict that isn’t letting him come to help her pack up as he had planned, so we’ll miss that opportunity.  I hope we will have a chance to meet, all of us, this summer.



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2 responses to “Radio Silence-Update

  1. AWESOME!!! yay im sooo glad you got to hear good news!!!

  2. STorkWatcher

    GREAT to hear this! I was hoping N was just very busy with her girls and life….. Glad to hear she’s safe and doing well.

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