An employment opportunity has arisen that I might be interested in.  And quite possibly qualified for.  And might remotely be good at.  This would be at a place I’m intimately familiar with.  I grew up just down the street, and the grounds was a popular place to walk, ride bikes, hang out and just “be”.  We had school field trips and retreats there.  I went to college there, met my husband there, and eventually received two degrees from there.  Its where my husband works, and my son goes to daycare.  Its a REALLY good place to be.  I have professors and other respected professionals who are willing to serve as references.  Its a 3 minute drive from my house.  It pays actual money.  I will apply for it.

HOWEVER:  I do have that internal monologue asking me what could I possibly be thinking, wondering if I really have what it takes to do the job.  What if I FAIL–either at the interview or the job itself?  I have a good thing going where I am now.  My boss will be disappointed and stressed.   I am treated and paid well.  I do a job that I believe is worth doing, and makes a difference for people.  I have scads of flexibility and great time-off benefits.  I am trusted.  Even though there are times when I’m terribly irritated, overall, I’m quite comfortable where Iam.  Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t rock the boat.  I should just stay where I am.

Quitting jobs has never been an easy thing for me.  Even thinking about quitting a job makes me anxious. 

Yet, here I am.  Wish me luck.


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One response to “Possibilities

  1. Oh my word!!!!! Do you think you would like it better?

    Could it make you happier?

    Would it be better for/on Woobie?

    A change at this stage in our work lives is not always a bad thing! Perhaps a change of environment would be a really great thing right now (even if not easy in the beginning).

    Oh, I’m just dying to hear more!!!!! Perhaps you ought to email me!

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