“You are SUCH a B**ch!”

Taking a poll here.  Hypothetically, if you had two sets of friends and at your social occasion, one set of friend’s kid threw a total nasty fit for a totally stupid reason and (lets pretend that kid is about 9 and he’s been known to have a short fuse), and that 9 year old went up to the of your friends’ kids and got all up in his face and just because he was mad, hissed “you are SUCH a B**ch!”…

If there were a few witnesses, NOT including Kid#1’s parents,

Would you…

A) keep your trap shut

B) totally tell Kid #1’s parents




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9 responses to ““You are SUCH a B**ch!”

  1. thanksgivingmom

    Oooh, I don’t think I could keep my trap shut on that one….

  2. chowchow22

    I am a big tattletale, so you know my answer!!!

  3. mmm…i would definitely tell. as a parent i would want to know if my child did that. although some parents may not take this info so graciously. still, by telling you at least you know you have done what you can because this child’s behaviour is inappropriate.

    and isn’t there something to the whole saying “it takes a village??!!”

  4. I would first reprimand the kid, then tell his parents. But, my friends and I have an understanding that if we see each others kids doing something they’re not supposed to, you handle it first, tell parents later.

    I know that not everyone feels that way – but man, it sure makes outings easier when there’s lots of parents there to help!

  5. Coco

    Oh, man, I would *so* be tattling!

  6. I’d be talking to the kid’s parents. Ugh! No fun at all…

    • M.

      So, what happened, is Hubby told the kiddo’s dad, and he is likely grounded til doomsday and he had to come apologize to us for causing an issue at the birthday party and then had to apologize to the other kiddo. it wa unfortunately kind of funny to hear a little kid tell the other little kid “sorry I called you a $^%%, can we still be friends?”. Overall, it appears that it was handled by his parents very well. But dang! the drama!

  7. cindy

    FULL DISCLOSURE!! that’s what I recommend!!
    I think this childs parents are counting on you to tell them exactly ‘how’ their child really was.

    I mean, if it was something like he said ‘you are a poopy-pants!’ or something, not a big deal.

    This is.

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