FOUR is birthday parties, sandboxes, sand and nerf guns.  Spiderman, snuggling, giggling, and hugging.  Climbing, joking, splashing and telling jokes that make no sense but are funny anyway. 

Four is learning to like green beans (two days in a row!!), and wanting to learn to climb a tree.  Training wheels, running races, and Hotwheels. 

Four is idolizing your dad and gaining independence and toughing out school without your “Raggy” because you think you’re big enough now to make it without him.  Happy meal toys, playing with the big kids, and becoming one of the big kids yourself.

Four is not wanting to go to sleep because you’ll miss something, Wii, Playstation and Leapster.  Sounding out your letters and snuggling in so mom and dad can read to you.  Tee-ball, football and asking if someone can come over to play.

Four is incredibly dirty.  It is rocks in your cubby and in your pockets and in your shoes.  It is proud of your accomplishments and happy when Mommy comes to pick you up from school.  Sharing your cupcakes even though you want to keep them all to yourself. 

Four is about as close to magic as we’ll ever see.  Happy Fourth Birthday, Sweet Woob!  Thank you for bringing dirt and Spiderman and laughter and magic into our lives every day!



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10 responses to “FOUR

  1. Happy Bday, Woobster!!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day! And don’t mind Mommy being all emotional and choked up, as she thinks back to when you were born and your first days at home……

  2. Artemis

    Beautiful way of reflecting and commemorating. If you were a scrapbooker this would make awesome journaling to go with a photo of him at 4.

    • M.

      Thanks, Artemis. Regarding the scrapbooking–That would be a cool place to put it (IF I had gotten past 3 mos old in his scrapbook!) I am a BAAAAD mama!

  3. Happy 4th birthday to Woob! Four has been amazing at our house. Love it.

  4. susiebook

    Happy Birthday, Woob! Although I have to say, some of the things on that list could apply to me. Hmm… 😛

  5. Oh Happy Birthday!! Four really is fabulous…big and magical and the light at the end of the toddler/preschooler tunnel 🙂

  6. Coco

    Oh, Happy, Happy 4th birthday to Woob!

    Four is AWESOME, big guy. Welcome to it!

  7. Randi

    So cute! So true! I have a 4 year old!

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