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Because Its February!

  • its soooo cold and snowy and it makes me a little depressed anyway.
  • my hubby and I and Woob in tow are going to a neighbor’s church Valentines dinenr.
  • it is ONE MONTH til Woob’s FOURTH birthday!
  • I have to plan a March birthday party and buy cool gifts!
  • I REALLY need to book our beach vacation soon!
  • I have not yet filed our taxes, but hope we get a refund again due to said vacation.
  • my motivation to do anything is way out the window
  • our annual work fundraiser (nonprofit) is finally OVER (highly successful!)
  • work is about to become bearable for about a month, and then become unbearable again soon after.
  • my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary
  • I need to buy a lamp thingy that emits simulated natural sunlight
  • we just paid our truck off–time to start looking for a new car for me!!
  • I’m sick of all my winter clothes but its too cold to buy any summer clothes
  • can it be a year since our sweet kitty Jack died??  Really?
  • mice are coming into our house by the truckload from the field out back…they’re cold and hungry too I guess
  • On this very day four years ago, we got the call from the agency worker and very soon after on that same day  spoke to N. for the first time.  What a journey that call has lead us on!  And we are eternally grateful.  ❤

What does February bring out in you each year?



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