Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like its 1999

Well, not so much.  Watching the “10yearsago” twitter responses took e down memory lane.  On the eve of 2000, I was 30 years old, and finishing up my Masters degree (july 2000).  Hubby and I had been married six years, we’d been in our house 5, and hadn’t yet tackled many of the renovations that needed to be done.  For the record on the house, some have been made, and REMADE since then, others are just now getting done, some of the things that the house has needed are still waiting to be done.  Bleh.

Anyway, 10 years ago tonight, we had a Happy Mellinium party in our basement.  Since we were going to be ripping out our basement carpet and walls soon, we were a little lenient about what happened inside.  We brought in a friends DJ equipment, brought in decorations, lots of champagne, food and people.  In the words of Barney…it was legend–wait for it–ary!.  Lots of dancing in party hats.  And as the guests were dancing during the countdown, me and hubby armed ourselves with a video camera and cut the power at midnight.  There was a lot of “holy shit, it really happened!”  and “I knew this was going to happen!” talking about the wholeY2K scare.  We didn’t let them worry it out too long.  We’ve never done anything that big here since.  Our new year celebrations are usually pretty tame, and with the advent of parenthood, of course, things will never be the same again.

This year, as I sit here on the eve of 2010, I have two cats laying on my legs keeping me warm, in a basement that looks like it is in a different house than what we had before.  There will be no champagne or “poppers” spilling onto the carpet.  The floor is, however, littered with the toys of a three year old boy–about 50 hotwheels cars, some rc cars, chutes and ladders and the box to the new Wii.  Today, Hubby is helping a niece and her husband and baby move (to Indy!).  That niece was not yet 13 ten years ago.  Where for years, Uncle2Roo would be sleeping on our couch between Christmas and New Years, its hard to believe this is the second holiday without him on this earth.

Things change so much, people come into our lives and leave them.  Hoping all the changes in the coming year are for the best for you and for your families.  Happy 2010!


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2 responses to “Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like its 1999

  1. Thanks for delurking today, and for reading!

    I’m sorry about the loss of Uncle2Roo. And I love that you’ve replaced poppers with toys.

    The poppers will come back, I’m sure 🙂

  2. Hi – Just saw your post at the Playgroup site and wanted to check out your blog. I love the sound of your Y2K party and prank! And the HIMYM reference. I look forward to reading more in 2010…

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