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Two Conversations

Woob has become such the little chatterbox these days…he NEVER stops and he’s pretty funny most of the time. We never know what’s going to comeout of his mouth next, and the topic can change so quickly your head spins.  Here are two conversations we had just at bathtime, all within a three minute period.

Woob: Mom is this my scr()tum?

Me:  Yep, sure is.

Woob:  I want to call it my udders, like on a cow.  Do boy cows have scr()tums?

Me:  Yes, I’m sure they do, but girl cows have udders.

Woob:  (very decidedly) Well, I have udders.

What a hoot that boy is!  Immediately following, I’m drying him off and he looks at me seriously.

Woob:  Who is YOUR daddy?

Me:  Pappaw is my daddy.

Woob:  I have two daddies.  (This is the first time he’s initiated discussion about firstdad).

Me:  Yes you do.

Woob:  (excitedly and with a huge grin) AND I have two moms! You’re my mommy and so is N.!!

Me:  How special that you have two mommies who love you very much. (big hugs and kisses)

He’s initiating adoption (AND body parts) discussion really often lately.  I’m glad he is, I think he’s just trying on the words for size and trying to understand how everyone fits together and make sense of it all.  I can’t imagine being a family that doesn’t tell a kiddo about their adoption (OR their body parts) until “they’re ready.”  I know people have their reasons and all, but it seems like having a head start and being able to layer all the information over time is so valuable in the long run.



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1. Change my “about” page to better reflect the purpose of this blog–its focus has definitely changed over the past few years!
2. Update my blogroll. Many of those writers have fallen off the edge of the earth. And it doesn’t truly reflect who I’m reading day to day. My blog reader looks much different than my blogroll.

Seems like since the year is rolling by so darn fast, might as well start looking at the new year NOW!


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