Lurkers, Unite!

I posted the past few things protected by a password–I don’t do that very often, but sometimes things aren’t just meant for the world to see, even if those things arent’ that big of a deal.  So work isn’t always fun and sometimes M. gets angry…big whoop, right?

But one very cool side thing that happened as a result of passwording–okay two really cool things–my stats went way up, which is fun for me cause I’m totally into looking at my stats page.  There usually isn’t much to report, honestly.  I have REALLY low readership and I’m okay with it, but get a thrill when the little line spikes up 🙂  Secondly, and the coolest thing–I have some lurker friends who have peeked out to ask for the password, and I’ve met a few new people.  I can’t always tell who is reading me, especially if they have me on their reader.  Makes me wonder, aside from my 5 or so regular reader/friends–who are the rest of you?

If you are a lurker who generally doesn’t comment, please let me know who you are!  Either here or you can email me at zoobitydoo AT yahoo DOT com.  I’d love to meet you too!


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24 responses to “Lurkers, Unite!

  1. * this is me with a cheesy wave * I’m the world’s worst commenter, but you are in my Google Reader. I’m an adoptive mom who reads lots of adoption blogs, from all sides of the triad.

  2. lurkers UNTIE! hehehe. i’ve been reading you for a long time, but never comment.

  3. I’m a follower! I have you in my reader too 🙂

  4. M.

    Barb–that’s funny! Glad to see you/”meet” you.

  5. Kimberly

    Hi there 🙂 I lurk! I’m in Washington DC, when I have the time, which is not as often as I would like, I read your entries accumulated in my RSS reader. In fact, back to work I go right now – 🙂

  6. I’m so terrible at commenting these days, I probably qualify as a lurker.

    Which reminds me–may I have the password, pretty please? I’m a little behind on my blog reading and I want in on those protected posts!

  7. anonadoptee

    Hey, I read you through my wordpress tag surfer, but I only started since you left your first comment on my blog

  8. I always read your blog. I don’t comment too much, but I do read.

  9. I read a lot of blogs for all sides of the adoption community. But I haven’t been able to join the openadoption bloggers group. I am not so good with links etc. I blog for me, it’s my way to journal what’s happening with my relationship with my bdaughter.

    • M.

      Thanks for stopping by. Heather PNR should be able to create the link for you on the Open Adoption Bloggers page. Also, feel free to add me to your protected posts if that would be okay.

  10. Well if you really want to raise your stats. Here’s what I occassionally do. In the tags I put “FREE PORN” or “BOOBS”.

    I figure if someone finds me using those tags then perhaps they may find a word to help them that they were not counting on. lol

  11. I’m a terrible lurker. My husband and I are applying to adopt but are still a fair way from hearing if we’ll get on the list. I’m in Australia where adoption is very different, but I hope that if we can adopt we can have a healthy open adoption with the help of everything I’ve learned through the amazing blogs I read. I do read all your posts, but I don’t often comment on adoption blogs because I feel like I’m still learning so much and without being part of the triad, I don’t have a voice to share.

  12. katherinemarie

    I love the authentic–real–lovely–gracious tone of your blog… I visit frequently and always find your heartfelt journey refreshing….

    Thank you for sharing all that you do~!!!!!!!!

  13. Theresa

    🙂 I pop in every couple of months and catch up. I’ve been reading your site for a few years now. I used to have the blog http://www.hopingforpink.wordpress.con

  14. Hi. *waves* I’m a new lurker! 🙂 & I stink at commenting! lol

  15. Dee

    I found your blog last night and have read three years of your life in a few hours. I have enjoyed reading about your adoption journey and wish for the sake of my son that one day we can have contact with his first mom. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading 🙂

    • M.

      Hi, Dee!

      I can’t believe you read the whooooole thing at once (you must be utterly sleepy by now 😉 ) But thanks for reading. I am a BAAD blogger who doesn’t post enough. I’ll check out your blog too. I hope that you guys can get where you want to be with your adoption, too! Happy holidays!

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