We had such a great weekend, it was hard to see it go. Friday night while I was putting Woob to bed, my cell phone rang. It was Woob’s bio grampa, G. He had called awhile back as his girlfriend’s daughter will be attending college in our town this year and wondered if we could be a touchpoint for her. I had totally forgotten when he said she was going to be coming…well, turns out move in day was Saturday! He was going to be coming into town with them and wondered if we had a little time to meet the daughter, but also of course, wanted to visit a little with Woob if it was possible. Isn’t timing everything? Saturday we were due to eat lunch north of here for Papa2Roo’s aunt’s 90th birthday…while they were coming into town, we would be driving out! So we talked a little while about everything, about the wedding, about Woob and disappointedly said goodnight.

But dang. The next morning, I kept thinking there HAS to be a way around it. So I called him back while they were on the road and we concocted a plan that allowed us about 1/2 hour (barely) to see each other as we left town. We hustled in a major way to be able to get to the university when they got there.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful day, and Woob could run around in the yard outside the dorms.  He was able to take a little time to warm up to G., though he wasn’t terribly shy, which I always worry about.  Actually, when we told him we were going to see G., he was excited and wondered if N. and the girls would be there too.  We got to meet G’s girlfriend and her kids and catch up a little.  I think he really enjoyed seeing how big and grown up Woob is getting.  We were able to take a walk down to G.’s car, as he’d gotten Woob a viewmaster and some discs, which he loved!  It also served us well for our trip up north–he was occupied the whole time.  The best part…we got some beautiful pictures of the two of them together.  The only other we have of them together is from the hospital the day Woob was born, so its just really sweet.

It was stressful.  It was hurried.  But it was so worth the effort.  During visits with N. he is usually nearby, but tries to stay back and let them spend the time together, so this was really a different kind of opportunity for them.  G. is a good, good man.  I hope we’ll always be able to work these things out.

On another adoption front, there’s interesting things happening at Woob’s daycare.  One of his favorite teachers recently brought home the two little kiddos she and her husband are adopting.  These kids are relatives who been in foster care in another state.  She’s been letting the kids in the classroom know that she’d be these kids’ mommy when she came back from being away, and now one of the kids is actually in Woob’s class.  As far as I know, this is the only other kidlet in the class who was adopted, though I know there are others in the school, more conspicuous, so the staff have at least been aware.  Sunday when Woob and I were at the library, we ran into the teacher and her kids.  She said she was looking for books and that they’d be working in class on “all about me” type things.  Apparently some of the kids (they are 3, 4, and 5 year olds) at school have been asking her questions about why she was now the mommy, when she wasn’t their mommy before.  One of the other teachers was trying to educate the kids by telling them that their mommy had gotten really sick and couldn’t take care of them anymore.  Which led to Ms. C. educating her on why that probably wasn’t the best explanation.  I love that there’s a little bit of adoption talk going on in the room, and that Ms. C. is helping educate the staff to some of the finer points they might not have considered before.  It makes me wonder, though, what kind of conversations might come up at home, too.

Okay, enough rambling.  If you’ve read this far, then you have earned a MAJOR AWARD!   a nap or some caffiene.



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  1. M.

    Thanks for reading, Rachel!

  2. ha – you have nothing on my rambling posts!

    That is such a great story – the time you got to spend with Grandpa G. Woob is so lucky. That would be difficult to switch up all the plans (isn’t it always with kids this age?) But I am SO glad you did, and I’m sur eit was well worth it. The photos alone are!

    Very cool what’s going on in the preschool. When AP starts in a couple of weeks, it will be interesting. There will be one other boy there who was adopted internationally. THe 2 women who run the school know our families and that they were formed by adoption, so I think that will be helpful. I fthey’re note more sensitive to the subject and how that relates to some school projects, then at least they’ll be receptive if we want to discuss it with them.

    I am always happy to see a post here!

    • M.

      i’m always glad to see that youre here reading!� I really am happy about the pictures!� Woob looks like a little man standing next to G., hand in his pocket.� Stork, our little boys are growing up!� Hope Little A is feeling better and done srowing up!

  3. tk91

    You are an amazing person and apparently very intuitive as well!! I bet you made the bgrandpa’s day…week…month from even that short visit and the fact that you made the extra effort to make it happen!!!!! Major kudos and blessing to you and your family!!

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