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A Mish-Mash and Kitty Kats

Our world changed in the past several years.  Do you think the following headlines (which I saw today)  would have been conceivable in 1975?

  • Fans bid Michael Jackson farewell
  • Al Franken sworn in as MN senator
  • US Wants a Strong Russia


My best friend thinks she might be pregnant at 40.  She is terrified and close to refusing to go buy a pregnancy test, thinking avoidance will make it NOT SO.  She forgot to take her BCP one time in a bazillion years.  I’ve already given away the crib and changing table she gave to me.  Life is funny, isn’t it?


I hate ants.  We have these little black ants that make nasty little larva nests in the most crazy places–you come across them unexpectedly while you’re doing things like weeding the flower bed or moving a rock.  Once I had ants trailing on my kitchen counter and I followed them to the phone that sits there…they had made, overnight, a nest of a bagillion larva on the hard countertop under my phone in the kitchen.  I almost puked.  Another time, they made their way into Woob’s portable stereo in his room and laid eggs there.  Last night I was outside sitting in my little Target brand aluminum lawn chair and kept feeling something ON me.  Turned to see that a bagillion little ants and their eggs were trailing into and out of the hollow part of the chair frame.  Again, almost puked.  I have never seen anything like this, and upon telling our exterminator, he can’t say that he had either.  I want them to DIE.


We are the new parents to two tiny little cutie pie kittens.  We haven’t named them yet, nor have we determined their genders…

Its funny that now that we have a ‘real’ child, as opposed to a furry baby, I don’t feel as smushy towards itty bitty kittens as I used to.  Maybe naming them will help.  For the record, Woob wants to “borrow them back” to where they came from. 😉



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My Creations Giveaway

Go see Laurie at Pho for Five for more information about this fantastic giveaway that I think any and every adoptive parent and their child could benefit from.

I’m always trying to find opportunities to talk to Woob about his adoption, but have to confess that as much as I preach it, I am WAAAAY behind on his scrapbook and lifebook work *hangs head in shame*.  I think the My Creations personalized adoption story book might just be the kick in the pants I need to get started.  If I don’t win it in this giveaway, I just might go ahead and buy it given Laurie’s 20% off deal.

You can try to win it, too, by going here and following the directions.  But don’t enter too many times–I really would love to win!!

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