The course of our lives have been altered, not only by having a pre-schooler in our house, but also by having a DVR.  Putting the two together is a dangerous mix.  The kid thinks he can watch any show he wants to at any time he wants to–its just MAGIC!  And through this magic, at 8:00 EVERY night, we watch the SAME two episodes of Clifford the Big Red Dog before bedtime.  We have tried to stray from this routine, and at times Woob even suggests watching a different show during settle-down time.  Those times have not been good.  He still expects to see HIS Cliffords before bed–no other episodes will do!  For the record:  “Embarrassing Moments” and “Lucky Charm” are the episodes.  If you have any questions about these episodes, feel free to ask.  I can recite them to you forward and backward, analyze the plot for each and plan on writing a dissertation on them someday.


We’re at the in-law’s house doing honey-do’s for P2R’s mom.  She asks if I can delete al 2,342,349,037 recorded episodes of Bold and Beautiful and Young and the Restless off her DVR because she’s run out of room for more.  I hilite the esisode, hit the delete button, and an additional button to verify I am “sure” for about 15 minutes before P2R comes in and says, “you can tag them all to delete them at one time (the “dumbass” on the end of that sentence is implied).

SATURDAY NIGHT:  (You know where this is headed, right??)

I’m having a nice relaxing time after Woob’s bath and am preparing for his bedtime routine from the comfort of my new reclining loveseat.  We’ve had a pretty good day, behavior wise–things have been challenging lately.  I get the DVR set up to play Clifford, and before my brain even thinks about it, I have hit the delete button.  “Oh, but you have another chance–you haven’t confirmed the delete yet,” you might say.  But you would be wrong.  The screen flashed “are you sure you want to delete this episode?” and the instant my thumb pushed “YES,” I realized what I had done, and I gasped loudly.  The reality of the situation set in, and I gasped again, only louder.  Its the same sound I make in the passenger seat when I think P2R is going to hit an animal or person or car.  Sheer panic and bracing for the worst.  P2R had no idea what I was reacting to and honestly for a moment I couldn’t speak to tell him.  It was gone.  Irretrevably gone.  We would have to deal with it. 

We TRIED to sneak a new Clifford in, but to no avail.

So until we can find our espisodes to repeat and record for the big screen, we are eternally grateful for the other magic that is Y*u T*be.


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  1. Ouch. ouch. What a sickening feeling! I didn’t realize that the U toooobe had cartoons and things on it! I’m so behind.. I thought you could just post personal type things on there…

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