More Discussion on Adoption Discussion

I took Woob to see his new itty bitty baby (2nd) cousin for the first time on Saturday. 

He’s been watching his cousin J’s belly grow and grow over the past several months, of course with us telling him that his new baby cousin was in there and would be coming out soon.  New baby cousin, he knew, would be sleeping in his old crib and using his changing table, because he’s just going to be a baby, and Woob will be too big and grown up to need those things anymore.  So each time he saw J, he’d point to her belly and tell us that “Baby A” was in there.  He’d lift up J’s shirt to see if he could see him.

We get to their apartment and he’s excited, because he’s brought some gifts that he picked out himself, and he’s probably thinking there’s going to be a real live boy to play with and be freinds with when we get there.  But there’s only a tiny little sleepy baby there.  He’s okay with it, he offers his gifts, kisses him on the head, and is pretty much on to bigger, more interesting things.

At some time during our visit, I make a point to show him J’s belly and remind him that Baby A used to be in J’s belly, remember?  And he came out, and will be staying out.  He looked for a minute and asked, “is there another one in there?”  That made us laugh, but I honestly don’t think he meant that she still looked pregnant, but was truly wondering if such a thing would just keep happening.  We assured him that there was indeed, not, another baby in there.

We packed up into the car, and as I was done buckling him into his seat, he looked at me and asked, “Where’s my mom?”  I asked him back, “where’s your mom?” in hopes of getting clarification.  He replied, “My BIRHTmom N.  Where is she?”  So I answered, “She lives a long way down the road, so we don’t see her as much as we’d like.  Do you think about her sometimes?” 

Woob, quietly: “Yeah.” 

Me: “She thinks about you a lot, too.”

Woob:  “Look, there’s Chuck E Cheese’s!”

And so it goes.


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7 responses to “More Discussion on Adoption Discussion

  1. Whoa – adoption dialogue already?? Scary, but great that you’ve had so many opportunities to talk to him about things so much, and he’s getting an understanding of things..

  2. Wow. How incredibly interesting! MAM has said that about people we’ve known who’ve had babies…”is there a baby in your tummy now?” (how magical!)

  3. Woob and Puppy seem so similar sometimes…what I wouldn’t give to have a playdate with you!

  4. Yes, indeed, kids minds are a wonder. And this post was a wonder, too. Thank you!

  5. katherinemariephotography

    Thanks so much for sharing this story… really warmed my heart. Kids are glorious creatures!!! You sound like a glorious mom!!!

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