Welcome 2 The World

Woob’s tiny baby sister #2 came into the world this week, a little earlier than I anticipated.  We’ll call her Baby M.  I happened to call on what I THOUGHT was the afternoon before N. would be induced, and left a voicemail–“hi, its me.  Hope you’re doing well and all ready for tomorrow.  We’re all excited and can’t wait to meet the new little one!”  Too little too late apparently, because I immediately received a picture mail of new baby that had been born maybe two or three hours before!  She’s tiny and pink, and that’s about all I know.  I was able to view some clearer pictures on the hospital website and and putting together a package with several things–BELATED birthday card/gift for Baby J. <hangs head>, new baby card/gift, and upcoming birthday card for N.  Still don’t know what gifts to include as I haven’t really deciphered whether sending gifts is a good thing or a bad thing.  Regardless, I’m trying to take my few but faithful readers’ advice and just do what I want to do now and allow her to take the initiative to let me know directly if there’s a problem with that.  I think I’ve found the perfect idea for a gift–a certificate from daipers dot com.  That way she can use it for things for her, for either one or both of the babies, and do it from her own home.  Even if she doesn’t have internet access, she can call the 1800 number and order up whatever size/brand diaper she needs, or formula–whatevah.  Cool, yes?  (Marci, I’m thinking about you here, too, after reading your question about baby shower things on the other website).

So, now Woob has TWO baby sisters.  Two KEPT baby sisters.  Always wondering what that will mean to him.  Of course we haven’t gotten to the HARD parts of the story yet, not really.  He knows he has a “birthmom” named N. or Mama N., and has been told he grew in her belly.  He’s just now starting to get an education about babies in bellies as his daycare teacher recently had a baby, his cousin has recently had a baby, he’s heard about but not seen that N. had a baby in her belly.  If you ask him who his baby sister is, he can tell you it is Baby J.  He can identify N. and Baby J. in pictures.  I’m not so sure he even understands the concept of “sister” yet.  He knows when we say our prayers that we always thank God and ask Him to watch over and protect N. and Baby J., and more recently we’ve been adding “and New Baby Sister M.”  I don’t know when we’ll meet her.  I don’t know when he’ll start putting things together.  I know now is the time to really be aware of the language and the story and the feelings when we do talk about this, and to talk about it fairly regularly. 

At what age did your kids start really putting some pieces together about birth and siblings and relationships and adoption?


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4 responses to “Welcome 2 The World

  1. I don’t have any words of wisdom since I’m not there yet. What struck me the most is that this is such a process and once I get of the waiting train I’m in store for another sort of ride that involves actual parenting an adopted child. And I believe this carries with it many ups and not so up times. Wishing you much wisdom as you figure this out.

  2. If you wanted to crosspost this with a link back to your blog at Open Adoption Support please feel free!!!! 😀

  3. That is a great gift idea. You are definitely dealing with some challenging stuff, and I’m very interested in following along to know how it all evolves and learn from you. You have such a good head on you and I love how you approach and tackle the adoptions stuff with such sensitivity to all parties involved.

  4. M.

    thanks for the encouragement and kind words, Laurie! I feel I so…inept with it all, though. I’ll keep plugging away, though–I think its important.

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