Conversations with Woob

[Setting:  Woob dressed up in his Batman costume, him leading me down stairs.]

Woob:  C’mon, WOMAN!

Me:  What did you just say? (Could my sweet little boy possibly be becoming chauvanistic at the age of almost-three??)

Woob:  C’MON, WOMAN!  Where’s your woman suit!  You need your woman suit on!  I’M Batman, and YOU’RE the woman!

Me:  OHHHH!  I’m WONDER Woman, is that it? (Sigh of relief)

Woob:  Yeah!  Let’s go save the day!



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3 responses to “Conversations with Woob

  1. That is a hoot!

    Reminds me of the time I heard my four-year-old son say with great authority from the back seat of the car, “I’m going to marry E when I grow up, Mom. Yep, I found me a good woman.”

    Where the heck did he get that?!?

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. M.

    little boys are so fun! And a happy 2009 2u2, Margie!

  3. That’s awesome!! So cute.

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