New Kids Book about Open Adoption

Not an endorsement, because I haven’t seen it, but I got this email this morning:

Open Adoption & Family Services Announces



Rain or Shine

written by adoptive mom Hilary Horder Hippely
illustrated by former OA&FS counselor Margaret Godfrey

Finn has a happy life with his mother and father. Every summer he looks forward to the birthday celebration that will reunite him with his rich extended family, particularly his birthmother, Lisa. But when clouds threaten, Finn wonders how his much-loved birthday traditions can continue.

With love and honesty, Rain or Shine celebrates the possibilities of life, love, and family.

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Rain or Shine is a long overdue, well written and beautifully illustrated children’s book. The story is a realistic reflection of a child growing up in an open adoption; the illustrations and language demonstrate the actual emotions of the participants. I love that it takes place after several years of this child’s life in open adoption which offers some true history as to how these relationships unfold. This book is a must have…!”
Sharon Roszia, M.S.
Kinship Center®, California and Co-Author of The Open Adoption Experience
Rain or Shine is a lovely children’s book that I have just started reading to my school aged adoptees and their families, as a way to open the topic of extended families, in a non-threatening way. I especially like the way Rain or Shine normalizes the gaps in contact that often occur in open-adoptions. The simple, yet powerful page at the end of the book highlighting child-centered adoptions completes the message. Rain or Shine illustrates open-heartedness in open adoption.”
Leslie Foge, MA, MFT
Co-Author of The Third Choice: A Woman’s Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption
“It is refreshing to finally have a book that honors the emotions and relationships beyond the adoptive family. Thank you OA&FS for this amazing resource!”
Astrid Dabbeni
Executive Director of Adoption Mosaic
“…Rain or Shine tells the story of Finn, a young boy in an open adoption who looks forward to gathering with his extended family to celebrate his eighth birthday. The plotline focuses on how the family will salvage the party if it rains on the big day, but the real strength of the book lies in its depiction of a healthy open adoption. The simple story and fun details will engage young readers. Sensitive and well-written, Rain or Shine is a welcome addition to the small but growing list of children’s books about open adoption.”
Adoptive Mother and writer for


Open Adoption & Family Services is a non-profit agency with a progressive approach to building healthy families. Founded in 1985, Open Adoption & Family Services remains the Northwest leader in open adoption.  

Child-centered open adoptions begin with a close and trusting relationship between birthparents and adoptive parents. This unique partnership acknowledges not only the parties’ mutual respect and shared love for the child, but also their separate and distinct roles. Most importantly, the open adoption model works for the child because it eliminates secrecy by giving the child direct access to information and support from birthparents. From the very beginning, open adoption allows the child to blend the two parts of their family story and develop a healthy sense of identity and self-esteem.

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Heather PNR, is that YOU who wrote the review that’s included here??  🙂

Happy Reading!



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2 responses to “New Kids Book about Open Adoption

  1. When I got this book I thought it’d be too long for Madison but she loves it. She usually picks it out for Noah to read to her.

  2. That is me, thanks to the awesome Dawn who hooked me up with a review copy. 🙂

    Puppy really likes this book.

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