The Time is Coming

Woob has a baby in his belly.  Or so he says.  There have been babies absolutely in everyone’s bellies around here lately, so why not his too? 

Ah those dreaded conversations about where babies come from made all the more complicated by adoption: “Yes, Ms. Alice had a baby in her tummy and now is home taking care of her baby.  Cousin J. has a baby in her belly and will take that baby home and we’ll play with him.  No, little boys don’t get babies in their bellies.  No, Mommy doesn’t have a baby in her belly.  Oh, Mama N.?  Yes she has a baby in her belly.  Baby J. was in her belly, too, and so were you, once.” 

And from there it gets a little harder to explain. 

Keep it simple, keep it simple.  Breathe.  Keep it simple.


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7 responses to “The Time is Coming

  1. Funny, MAM had a baby in her belly last night. She said she had a baby in the belly, and that she would be a mama. Then she said, “you my mama” and I said yes, but you didn’t grow in my belly. And she said, “No! (like duh, mama), in J’s belly” and I said,”yes, and then we adopted you.”

    Keep breathing, Em!

  2. I bet you’re really good at those conversations.

  3. M.

    Ha, I’m betting I rather suck at those conversations, but we will have them anyway. 🙂

    Mich–that is so funny that we are both going to be grandparents so soon 😉

  4. My nephew is four and I am pg, as was another aunt of his. He kept telling us he had a baby in his belly too. Then one day he asked how the baby came out of the belly. We told him the turth in very simple terms. That babies come out through the vigina and thus only girls can have babies. It made sense to him and since he has stoped saying there is a baby in his belly.

    I don’t know how to cover all the other questions he might have but remember honesty and simplisity are most important.

  5. Marci

    Two of Cameron’s therapists are pregnant. I was doing my best to avoid telling him about said babies. He did not notice they were getting bigger and bigger… One of them told him though. So, he now points to my belly and says baby. He points to his belly and says baby. I am not ready for this discussion either. (And I have heard you should not say belly anyway because sometimes kids get paranoid that the pregnant person ate the baby… But can I really say uterus to my not yet 2 1/2 year old???)

  6. StorkWatcher

    AP’s hairdresser “HAMburger” (Amber) is pg, so before I went to see her, I said she was going to have a baby soon and that it’s growin gin her tummy now. I was afraid he’d make some comment about her big tummy, so I tried to prep him. Didn’t get any questions after that really. He told all the other girls in the shop about the baby in her tummy, but didn’t say one word to her, of course. I wonder if she knows he calls her hamburger? Maybe she’ll have a little french fry!

    And, have I misunderstood or missed something – is N. expecting again?

  7. M.

    stork, yes, you missed it a post or two back…due VERY soon. I’ll email ya.

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