Good Stuff

Despite the general gloominess of my blog lately, things here are pretty darn good.  Despite the fact that hubby is in bed looking simply puny with a temp of 101.5, and my kid is coughing like there’s no tomorrow, I’m doing really well.  I had an extra day off work today and got a few things done around the house.  I was able to buy a few Christmas presents (finally), and I was able to meet sme deadlines prior to leaving work for Thanksgiving.  We’re planning a visit for this weekend to N.’s (hoping hubby starts feeling better by then).

My boy is growing strong and smart and knows important facts and states them way out loud to whoever will listen, “Pee comes out my PEEEnis.  Poop comes out my BUTT!”  Basic biology…check.  He has a wicked sense of humor and can recite old time Bugs Bunny cartoons in proper voice.  He sings funny songs like “old MacDonald had a shark” and loves all things football, baseball, soccer, and golf.  And air hockey.  And cars.  And, and, and.  Christmas is going to be soooooo fun this year.  He looks through the toy catalogs on Sundays and goes over it a million times, “What’s THAT?  I want THAT!  What’s THAT?”  He told Santa he wanted power tools 😉  He knows that someday he will play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and will tell anyone who asks that “Kentucky is YUCKY!”  He’ll say the same about Dallas Cowboys.  He’ll also let you know (as his grandmother told him,) that his Daddy brainwashed him. 

There are a hundred times a day that are just plain hard.  Potty training has gone three steps forward and 90 steps back.  I lose my temper sometimes and of course, my patience.  But then I am remeinded that my buddy likes hot chocolate, and wants nothing more than to go outside and play even though its 32 degrees, and raining, and that Buzz Lightyear boots make the world go round, and my heart melts.

I don’t know why I deserve the blessing of him in my life every day, but am so thankful that I have it. 

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.



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5 responses to “Good Stuff

  1. Man, I have to meet that boy some day!! I think he and MAM would have loads of fun!

  2. M.

    I think the two of them could get into some serious trouble together! That would be so fun…lets plan on it. This spring? Maybe both the Indy’s could meet both the Eville’s?

  3. StorkWatcher

    Hilarious. They’re all apparently going through this fun stage at the same time. AP tells me, in his giggly giggly voice, that “I buy new penis!!” Hmmm. Didn’t know the one he had isn’t working right…..

    And “You stink!” is downright hilarious to say to someone 50 times in a row!

    But he had his cool snowboots on all around the house the other day. yeah, they’re awesome. I mean – “Dats AAAAAHHHHHHHHsuuummm”.

    Oh, and at our place, Old MacDonald had a UUUUUUUUUUMA – Uma is Pa Pa’s dog…….

  4. dannersgirl

    This post is awesome– truly brightened what was shaping up to be a difficult day with Moobaby and remind me of all the blessings she brings to me every single day!

    Thanks 🙂

  5. M.

    Glad I could life your spirits! They really are blessings, these little people!

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