A Day Off

I took a well-deserved day off from work today and I think I need another!  Here’s what I did on this beautiful fall day.

  • woke up at 6
  • got my boy up and dressed and to daycare by 7:30
  • went to W*al M*art
  • went thru the car wash
  • did 3 loads of laundry
  • shampooed my carpets upstairs
  • cleaned out my living room windowsills (eeew!  you know the gunk that gets trapped between the outside of your window and the screen?)
  • mopped my kitchen/dining room/entry way floors
  • baked pumpkin bread
  • fought with my new Blackberry (anniversary gift) that is driving me crazy!

Sadly enough, even with all of that my house is not truly clean. Oh well.  If anyone else wants it clean, they can clean it I guess. 

Tonight we have a cookout at a friends house.

In the meantime, if anyone has any idea how to navigate through this Blackberry (Curve) and get to the Device Options menu, I’d really appreciate it!

Happy Autumn!



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3 responses to “A Day Off

  1. Sounds like a great day off! I like those days were you get a lot of little chores accomplished.

    I’d love to fall clean my house, but I wouldn’t have a chunk of time long enough to really do it. I at least hope to get some windows washed inside and out soon!

    I’m taking one this Friday – can’t wait! Belated Birthday SHopping trip with two of my sisters!

  2. Amy

    My dear sweet husband got me the Blackberry Pearl for our anniversary as well (I think to help himself feel better about the amount of time he was on his) and it was practically a full time job to get it going. 🙂 I found that the best thing to do was google Blackberry help and I could always find the answers. Hopefully it will be fully operational soon.

  3. I hope you had a fabulous day! Days off like this one are wonderful in their non-work simplicity, I think.

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