Adventures in Beddy Bye

Okay, so this isn’t adoption related at all, except that some of my adoptive parent freinds with similar aged kiddos might find it helpful to see what worked for us in getting the Woob transitioned from crib to big boy bed in a relatively short time, with relatively few problems.

Woob is a little over 2 1/2 years old, and getting so big.  It seemed that most nights he was banging around in his crib and couldn’t have been really comfortable, but didn’t much complain except for occasional whining in his sleep some nights.  He has NEVER tried to climb out of his crib.  That’s when most people I know decided to switch, but at this rate, he’d be in his crib til he was 42, and I just can’t see that that’s a good thing.

Daycare was a helper for some of this and kind of prompted us along.  First, all the kids take a nap on a little cot with their pillow and blankie.  He has done well during nap times since starting at this daycare, and stays put.  That was promising.  Additionally, the teachers like for us to send in pictures of things the kids are familiar with, and places they like–pics of mommy and daddy’s work, the house they live in, their pets, their parents’ cars, their bedrooms.  There had been lots of discussion about bedrooms because some of the kids were already in big kid beds, so Woob was familiar with it.  We’d mention that the change was coming a few times a week for awhile, knowing that we’d be bringing home Uncle 2 Roo’s extra mattress set at some point, because he had wanted him to have it.  Note that this is a regular twin bed, not a toddler bed, so it sits rather high off the ground.  P2R’s old bedframe was in the attic and we’d be using it as it matches the rest of Woob’s furniture.

Then we moved a lot of the toys and junk that had been in the living room for Far. Too. Long. into his bedroom, toybox and all, so he might get the idea that his room was a more fun place to be.  He didn’t get the hint, just stopped playing with any toys that got moved in there because out of sight, out of mind, and all that.

Next step, the bedding.  Oh man, the bedding.  I picked up a set at T*rget that had brightly colored cars and trucks on it–sheets, comforter, shams, curtain, wall clings–and he wanted it immediately.  for about a week he carried around this big ol’ comforter and we continually told him it was for when we brought home his big boy bed…

Finally the mattresses came home when P2R got home from Texas, and they sat in our kitchen for an embarrassing 2 weeks until we got our act together.  He knew and could tell us that those mattresses were his.  So when P2R brought down the head/footboards to get cleaned up, he was really getting excited. He watched us put the bed together and move the crib off to the side.  Oh, the buildup.  He just couldn’t wait to get all squirmy up on the bed.  But we still didn’t know how it would go, because he’d never slept in our bed with us–only wallered around in the blankets and messed it up.

The buildup was so big, and the first night we put him in, there were no problems at all.  He slept just fine for the most part.  We still had the backup plan of the crib in the room and were prepared to use it.  We kept it for a week, and when there weren’t significant problems, dismantled it and sent it away with our niece for their first little one.  Woob was in on that, as well, right in the midst of taking it down and loading it on the truck and saying “bye-bye baby bed.”  Sometimes he still asks “where’s my baby bed?” and we revisit that it went to live with B and J and the new baby will sleep in it when he comes.

Other Points: 

  • he has not tried to get up and out of his bed or room in the middle of the night (yet!) or in the morning.  Its like he doesn’t know its an option 🙂
  • we have the room “childproofed” so that if he were to get up and mess around in there with his toys or what have you, he’ll be safe.
  • he has begun playing in his room independently more often lately.
  • he is a wild sleeper and ends up all over the bed, which is not always good…
  • the rail covers the middle section of the bed, not the top 1 1/2 feet or bottom 1 1/2 feet…
  • even though there’s a rail, he has fallen out of the bed twice from the head of the bed, so we keep a big soft pillow on the floor right there :O
  • he never slept with tucked in sheets and blankies in the crib, just his quilt–now he wants nothing to do with the blankets on his bed.  He prefers to sleep on top with a different blanket.  If he does use the comforter, he works the sheet totally off and away from him, and sometimes gets fussy and tangled up in it.
  • we keep one of the doorknob safety covers on the inside of his door so that if he gets up and tries to wander, he can’t get out, but we can get in without having to mess with a lock.
  • now that there’s room, he constantly asks us to “Sweep wif me!” and it is all I can do to avoid that trap that I’ll never get out of…so hard to resist curling up and snuggling with such a sweet little guy when other cuddles are so few and far between.

A story: 

My boy wakes up like a little alarm clock every morning at 6:30 a.m. even on weekends, sometimes earlier.  This morning at 5:10 a.m. I hear his little voice calling “I want to get up, pwease. Up, pwease, Mommy.”  So, I’m thinking he wants to get up for the day, which I am just not up to…  I go into his room and whisper, “Oh, baby, its not time to get up yet, its too early and still dark outside.”  And as I walk in to tuck him back in, I almost run him over.  Poor little dude didn’t want to get up for the day, just wanted to get UP IN HIS BED so he could finish sleeping, after falling out of the darn bed.  So sweet, but a little heartbreaking, as I pictured him having slept on the floor the past few hours without a blanket.  Who knows how long he’d been down there.  I asked him this morning whether he slept last night on the floor or in his bed and he did reply, “I sweep in my big boy bed! (which he’s so proud of!)” So…he either forgot and was not traumatized by the sleeping on the floor, OR, I managed to get him immediately after falling out of bed.  Either way works for me.  But tonight, as a precaution, I’m going to put an extra blanket on the floor next to the pillow just in case!



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3 responses to “Adventures in Beddy Bye

  1. Marci

    I have started thinking about this as well. Cameron is a monkey and climbs everything, but has never climbed out of his bed. A part of me wants to leave him there forever… But, I want to move the boys into the same room and I can’t do that with 2 cribs. (Plus Cameron’s stuffed animal gang keeps growing. We are now up to 6 animals, 2 blankets, and a full size pillow in his crib. Really, there is no room for him…)

  2. so glad it’s gone well! MAM loves sleeping on the floor–there are nights she insists on starting out there, and nights she just ends up there…

  3. Oh, that is great! In so many ways, you and I and Roo and AP are very similar – I could see it happening for us like this. I just have to ditch the crib once and for all, I guess…….

    Thanks for sharing – that gave me some great tips!

    How cute is he??????????

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