A Linky Dink on Open Adoption

This is from the Evan B. Donaldson Institute Newsletter I got today:REVIEW ON ADOPTION OPENNESS IDENTIFIES FACTORS PROMOTING SUCCESS
A review of 14 studies from 1987 to 2000 identified factors contributing to successful open adoptions from the adoptive parent perspective; they include empathy for birthparent, face-to-face meetings before placement, being in control of contact arrangements, communication, role clarity, and meeting together with a social worker to plan for contacts, and others. “Openness in Adoption: What We Know So Far-A Critical Review of the Literature,” by Susan Wolfgram, was published in the April issue of Social Work (Volume 53, Issue 2). The author calls for more research on openness for placements involving older children and those with special needs. For an abstract, go to: http://oberon.naswpressonline.org/vl=6962620/cl=23/nw=1/rpsv/cw/nasw/00378046/v53n2/s5/p133


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