Stay Tuned

TGM and HeatherPNR’s recent discussion about How I Met Your Mother got me itchin’ for some good, new tv shows.  I’m a junkie when it comes to television, and I am going through withdrawl bit-time.  The summer is when P2R goes all baseball on me and watches games probably 5 nites out of 7.  And there’s golf.  And tennis.  And NASCAR.  See a pattern?  Yes, we do have more than one television in the house, but I also have a little person running around most nights lookin’ for some video action after supper, playing outside and the bath.  I can now recite the entire script and soundtrack to the movie “Cars” and his newest fave is “Herbie:  Fully Loaded.”  At least he watches it for the luv bug, not for Lohan.  I get squeezed out in the summer.  Fall is my time to shine with the old TV.

I went sniffing around and this is what I found.  If you haven’t checked the new season’s lineup yet, you can find it here ( with dates for some of the season premiers as well.


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2 responses to “Stay Tuned

  1. I’m tapping my foot, waiting for the Entertain.ment fall tv preview issue. As embarrassing as that is to admit. 🙂

  2. If you haven’t watched Weeds yet, go to your netflix cue NOW and start watching on instant watch! This is one of the best television shows I’ve seen in YEARS. we have watched the first two seasons, and are waiting IMPATIENTLY for season three to get here allready!

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