There Are Days…

There are days…

  • when I wish I lived far away from my family
  • when I wish I weren’t considered “nice.”
  • I wish that I could close my door and say “no” to favors and extra projects
  • that I want to smack sense into otherwise sensible people
  • that I want to smack sense into people who aren’t usually very sensible at all
  • I wish I were a better Christian, wife and mother
  • I wish others would more carefully consider their roles as Christians, spouses and parents
  • I would like to enjoy the weather instead of rushing from one meeting or obligation to the next
  • I would benefit from being way more organized
  • I’d like a think-free job
  • I think my thinking gets me no where
  • when I feel I could drop from the pressure
  • it would be helpful to make my own rules
  • it would be helpful if someone would tell me the rules
  • I wish I had a houseful of “Woobies”
  • I wonder if I’m good enough for the one I’ve got
  • my boy amazes me
  • I am so thankful for all I have
  • I wonder if I have anything left
  • I wish I could do more to help
  • I probably should ask for help
  • I think help is futile
  • I want to be left alone
  • I wish to have more friends
  • I am amazed at the friendships I have

 Tell me about how you’d finish the sentence, “There are days…”


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2 responses to “There Are Days…

  1. There are days….where I wish I could follow the advice of ‘sleep when the children sleep’, I’d like to find someone who really understands, I want to get inside MAM’s head, I don’t want things to ever change, I need lots of things to change…. I could go on an on. Hope all is well with you are yours 🙂

  2. StorkWatcher

    It sounds to me like half those things you wrote cover most of us!!! Thanks for putting it out there.

    There are days I wish I could easily go on fewer hours of sleep(she types with a *YAWN* at 9:25 pm, getting ready to abandon the rest of her to-do list for the evening in favor of her big, comfy PJs and bed…)

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