From the Toddler’s Mouth

Just getting back from a very long trip, we stopped at Mickey D’s many times, as they were most consistent with changing tables for the Woob (Attention:  Arby’s, Wendy’s, PLEASE get changing tables–its not that hard.  You serve children’s meals for goodness sakes!!).  Woob was in chicken nugget, apple dippin’ heaven!

Cue to one week later.  Last night as I was putting him in bed, I was explaining he needed sleep for the big day on Sunday.  “We’re going to the family reunion and will see all your cousins.  But we’ll have to get in the car and drive a long way.  We’re going on a trip!!”  To which he replied, “A trip!!  COOL!!  McDonalds!!”  🙂




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5 responses to “From the Toddler’s Mouth

  1. StorkWatcher

    Oh no – too funny! It’s amazing how many public places (such as family restaurants who have high chairs, booster seats, kids’ menus) do not have changing stations! I’m just thankful that A’s big enough that I can easily change a pull-up standing up in a stall somewhere! (Or, letting it all hang out in the open underneath a spare hand dryer, if all the stalls are taken. If he pees on the floor, too bad for the building designer or facilites manager that did not include changing stations!!!)

  2. Marci

    I LOVE it!

    My hubby is so great, he had a changing station hung in the men’s room! You can tell he is a hands on dad because he insisted to his company that they order another!!

  3. Long time no comment – and I’m glad I stopped by because this is really cute!! Hope all is well in your world 🙂

  4. Ha!! That’s one smart kiddo you got there!

  5. You are so right. I am amazed at how many fast food restaurants don’t have a diaper changing station. They serve food for little ones, have the playground, etc…but nowhere to change a diaper. On a recent stop at Arby’s, I almost considered spreading my son out on the countertop and changing his diaper. LOL. Not really, but I was MAD! Oh and add to this, the fact that the restaurants are all right along the highway – so of course, we’re going to stop for a quick bite and diaper change.

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