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This and That

Hi, gang, I’m really here.  Really.  I read you every day.  I’ve been at a loss for anything really to say lately on my own, but wanting to comment or respond on this blog to some of your own posts.  Between having some busy weeks, grieving a little, and focusing on my little man, there hasn’t been much time or energy.  But here I am again, feeling like there should be a LOT to say.  But I need to crawl out of my shell a little; become part of the conversation again, ya know?  So today, since I’m home from work with a terribly sore throat, cough, and laryngitis, I thought I’d a least type out a few words.


THIS is where we are vacationing in just a little over 4 weeks.  The whole fam damley and then some (I think about 17 of us) will be traveling to Outer Banks and spending what I hope will be a glorious week on the beach.  Woob LUVS sand, so I’m hoping the oceanside with a bucket and shovel will be his dream come true–I know its mine, and its much needed.  It will be our first REAL vacation (non working) with the three of us, and I hope just the first of many, many more.


My little Woobie is growing and his language is growing as fast as the grass in my lawn!  “I hurt my knee,” “Throw it away, Mommy,” and “I’m workin’ on it.”  He’s been so much fun to watch and play with.  A real outside loving kind of boy.  I’ve got lots of pictures of things we’ve been doing lately.  Some of the most recent ones are on my other blog, and if you want the address to that blog, you can email me at zoobitydoo at yahoo dot com.  I think he’s delicious!  Now that I’ve learned how to post pics on WordPress, perhaps I’ll set up a few protected posts and share with you.  I do like to remain somewhat anon on this blog, though and keep the two separate.


Yesterday we ran into someone we hadn’t seen in years.  She was of course admiring the cuteness that is Woob, and asked, “Is he your only one?”  I cringed a little bit to say yes, knowing that more than likely he will be the only one ever.  But then it was okay, really.  If a person has to have ONLY one child, he’s the one to have!  He really is my life right now and I’m easing into the thought that we will always be a family of three. 


I think the cost of gas is catching up to us.  I just did my checkbook and am sickened by the emptiness of my bank account.  We really must start paying more attention to what we’re doing financially. Especially as the husband is talking about building a house in the somewhat foreseeable future.  Ugh–I’ve never had an ulcer, but now sounds like a good time to start!



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How to Get Your Carpets Cleaned in 10 Easy Steps

  1. After getting ready to leave the house, leave liquid makeup bottle on the vanity. 
  2. Leave your inquisitive 2-year-old with his distracted daddy for a few hours and go do some grocery shopping.  At this early stage in the process, the 2-year-old will inevitably be drawn to the makeup and daddy won’t see while it is being spilled onto the cream colored hallway carpet.  Trust me.
  3. Come home to grouchy family members and try desperately to get the stain out of the carpet, but realize that without some really special not-yet-known-chemical, you’re just gonna have to live with the stain.
  4. Spend about a month walking through the hallway, becoming shocked each time, thinking you’re gonna step in a puddle of kitty puke, as the stain catches your eye.
  5. More or less get used to the stain.
  6. Begin potty training your 2-year-old.
  7. Occasionally he’ll ask to sit on the potty.  Let him!  While turning for a second to throw away the diaper he was wearing, he will most likely run streaking and shrieking into the living room butt naked!
  8. Try not to overreact like your husband does when said 2-year-old pees gleefully ALL over the living room carpet, his shirt and his socks.
  9. Try not to laugh as you corral your child and wipe him down and force him to put on a new diaper.  This is especially hard, because the child will most likely be saying something along the lines of, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  HAHAHA!!  That Foooooneeeee!  HAHAHA!!  That Foooooneee Mommy!!  HAHAHA!!!”
  10. Leave the house with your 2-year-old for a few hours.  When you return home, your husband will have cleaned and recleaned the living room and hallway carpets using the new stain remover stuff you bought a few weeks ago and never got around to using. 

Follow these instructions and you, too, can have clean and fresh-smelling carpets throughout your home!


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Remembering Someone I Didn’t Even Know

Paragraphein wrote a post today in remembrance of Cindy Jordan and I’m glad she did.  I never knew her, never spoke to her or read her words on the forums, or shared a strong friendship with her like so many others did.  But she did have a pretty big impact on me as an adoptive parent. 

Several years ago, while first entering the adoption arena, I started looking online and researching.  It led me to the adoption forums.  Cindy was a primary topic of board discussions during that time.  As someone just entering into the process it was quite sobering to read the circumstances surrounding her taking her own life.  Her baby’s adoptive parents had promised openness prior to the adoption, and afterwards, closed the door tight.  She didn’t “move on,” or “get over it.”  Instead it killed her.  So many mourned her death and likewise were angered at the unnecessary nature of it all. 

This was my first real lesson in adoption, and probably the most important one, in my opinion:  never promise more than you plan to give.    Its a lesson that once I signed with an agency, was echoed by that agency thankfully (despite all their other unethical and unprofessional leanings that have since come to light).  It was a lesson that I’m thankful I learned early on, since during our wait, well-meaning (??) friends actually suggested that we promise an open adoption until the baby came, then “change our number” soon after. 

Sometimes when I visit those same forums, I see new adoptive parents who have such fear of the process and of openness, and are somewhat desperate in pursuit of a child.  I understand them…I was one of them.  For those new folks, Cindy Jordan is nobody.  I hope there’s a way to get that same important message to those who need it without another tragedy like Cindy’s (and her baby’s!) happening. 

Thanks, Nicole, for the chance to remember.


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Depends what you’ve been doing with the sink handle.

Reading my search engine terms is usually boring…”pregnancy,” “IVF transfer,” “bedrest after retrieval,” the usual.  Until I checked today:

“Can you get pregnant from a sink handle?” 

My answer is above in the title of this post.  Anyone else wanna take a crack at answering this one??  Come on…have fun with it and make me laugh.

–Note to the original “googler”…so sorry to have fun at your expense.  I’m not usually a mean spirited person.  I hope you found the information you needed on the Internet, though you probably found nothing useful on the topic in reviewing my blog.  Heck, I can’t even get pregnant with the proper equipment, much less via bathroom fixtures.  If that particular process worked for you, could you please email me and let me know??  🙂


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