For those of you who don’t follow me at, here’s the scoop.  Woob is going to be the big brother to someone here at home by Thanksgiving!  He doesn’t know it yet, but his world is about to be rocked to the core!!

We are in disbelief.  And humbled.  And terrified.  Some days I don’t feel I do justice to the one I have, and now I’ll have TWO!  So many blessings in my life.

And tomorrow we go visit N.  Pray that my boy is a little bit well-behaved so she doesn’t think I’m a horrible parent!  I can’t wait to see her and meet Baby J.! 



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4 responses to “Wowzers!

  1. Ang

    Congratulations Em!

  2. Wow, what great news! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats, Em. That’s very good news… 🙂

  4. Holy smokes, I stay offline for a few weeks and look what happens! Congratulations! Wonderful news!

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