The Best Birthday Present

Oh, N~

Today is the second anniversary of our big boy’s birth, but you already know that.  I’m sure you have lots of different things going through your mind this morning, far different than the things in mine.  Your experience of this day was so much different.  While we waited in anxious anticipation to meet him and spend the rest of our lives with him, you were recovering from a pretty exhausting labor, possibly wondering what you were going to do when he was gone, and you had only just met him yourself.  While we were excitedly telling you our plans for his name, you were giving us the gift of allowing us to name him–names that reflect our family history, not yours.  While we had trouble sleeping wondering what the next day would bring, I’m sure you also were sleepless for the very same reason.  We were strangers to you and you welcomed us into your hospital room, into your family, into your life.  We were writing things down, stories from your family about you, your heritage, your situation, because we never knew if we’d have the chance to ask you again.  You likely were memorizing the look of your boy’s fingers, toes, eyes and hair, because you never knew when you might see him again. 

Thank God the way we envisioned things two years down the road never came to pass.  We’ve come a long way in the past year.  We’ve had the opportunity to share pictures, stories, problems, gifts, our homes and our food together, over the phone and in person.  We have the second opportunity to ask some of the harder questions and make some decisions together about how we’ll appoach Woob’s questions in the future, how we want him to be raised now. 

Woob got lots of presents at his party the other day.  But the biggest gift he’ll get this year is our connection with you.  Thank you for that gift, because I have to believe it comes at a really great price.

We can’t wait to see you Sunday and meet Little J!




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One response to “The Best Birthday Present

  1. KimKim

    What a beautiful post. I hope Sunday will be wonderful.

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