As my nearly-two year old approaches his dad who is at the laptop…”Wassup, man.” 

As my nearly-two year old demands that I “run circles” with him in the living room.  I tell him, Mommy needs to rest, she’s getting dizzy.”  He replies (much like a really, really mean and loud drill sargeant), “NO REST!!  NO DIZZY!!  RUN CIRCLES!!”



Filed under adoption, growing up, motherhood, not much, things that make me smile

4 responses to “Overheard…

  1. Oh, Woob and MAM could seriously run a boot camp! I know exactly of what you speak!! Let’s hope he doesn’t start demanding push ups anytime soon!

  2. Can you imagine getting these two together?? Get down and gimme 20!!

  3. Marci

    So cute! I can’t ait until Cameron is there. (And a part of me hopes he is never there…)

  4. Oh, love it! My man likes to make my nearly puke by holding him and flinging him around in circles as we dance to the Shrek soundtrack… One of these days, I’m going to lose my lunch….

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