What’s Going On in My World

  • Plodding through with our first (and it looks like only) round of IVF.  See www.schmertile.wordpress.com for more detials if interested.  Stress abounds.
  • Planning Woob’s Second Birthday Extravaganza!  Yes, you heard that right, two years old!  I love him so much!  Still haven’t purchased the birthday gift yet, but have the place reserved.
  • Planning a visit to see N. probably the weekend of Woob’s birthday (yay!).  She emailed news that she got an apartment that she and C. and Baby J. will be moving into soon.  Thank Goodness, Thank Goodness.  That’s all I can say about that.  I can’t wait to see her and meet J.!!  It will be interesting to see the similarities between Woob and J.  (And Gretchen, I did buy a W*l M*art card to send in the mail this week.  Thanks for the suggestion!)
  • It has been almost exactly a year since I started this blog, and if you’ll remember, at that time, Woob was getting ready for the first birthday and we hadn’t heard even once from N. in that whole year.  She called on his birthday, then soon after, invited us to her graduation party where we had a great visit!  Then she and C. came to see us this fall.  We have occasional email, mail and phone contact in the meantime.  Wow have things changed!
  • I’m missing some of my adoption bloggy friends…drop me  line if I haven’t seen you in awhile! 


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4 responses to “What’s Going On in My World

  1. Wow. 2 YEARS OLD! I can’t believe how these boys are growing! I know everyone told us how fast time would fly, but it’s still hard to take. Sometimes, I look at mine and almost want to cry – he’s getting to be such a big boy! It’s fun, as they’re learning all new things and growing, but I get wistful and weepy once in a while, thinking of our tiny babies from not so long ago!

    Can’t wait to hear all about the party plans and theme!

  2. reunionwritings

    I hope the IVF will work, that would be wonderful!

  3. I miss you to Mama to Roo.

    I will be praying for you during the stress and hope all is peaceful and well with N and the new little one.


  4. Kristy

    GOod luck with the IVF!!! I really really pray it works out for you! Happy 2nd Birthday Woob!

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