There’s Gonna Be a New Kid in Town

Quite possibly TODAY.  I got an email from N’s dad from 1a.m. (thank you, G for not making my phone ring just then–you would have woken-the-just-put-to-sleep-again-Woobie and I’d have had to hurt you, God help me!).  But I digress, even in the first or second sentence…

Pretty much the gist is that one way or another, Woob’s little sis is going to be born today. A teence over two weeks early.  In my mind, she will pop into this world pink with dark hair, a slight attitude, and a huge heart with a capacity to love mightily.  She will have round, full cheeks and a mouth puckered up and shaped like a rose.  She will be Woob’s sister.

Say a little prayer that all is well right now, as I have no idea what’s really going on.  They’re a few hours away from us.  I know her mom is with her as is C.  That is all very, very good.

We were planning to visit next weekend as a “pre-birth” visit, knowing it might be awhile before we’d have another opportunity.  I don’t know what we’ll do as far as that goes now.

Such excitement!  As soon as I hear anything, I’m getting on the phone and sending flowers!

Edited to add:  Darn doctors…just heard from G. who says they did just finally release her without having given birth as of yet.  They’re gonna let her hang on a little longer, hopefully through the week.



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9 responses to “There’s Gonna Be a New Kid in Town

  1. Welcome to the world, Little One! Enter smoothly and live well.

  2. thanksgivingmom

    Oooh, and keep us updated! How exciting for everyone!!!

  3. M.

    Thanks, friends! Her last labor was quite hard–so I hope they keep her comfy this time.

  4. Ohhh….Woob, a sissy! How exciting!



  5. Mixed Nuts

    Very exciting! Second labors are frequently a lot easier (my first one was 31 hours and ended in a c-section, my second was 7 hours with a natural birth, so I know how different it can be). Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing for her. If she’s only a couple of hours away, would she be interested in a brief (hour?) visit shortly after the birth?

  6. M.

    I don’t know about timing a visit–I’m trying to be really respectful of the fact that a visit from us to her shortly after birth might be triggering for some hard stuff she may have gone through after Woob was born. I’m not sure she’s even thought of that. Before, she has said she’d like us to come when we could, but I’m gonna let her gage how she feels on this one.

  7. oh a new baby to love on 🙂 I hope all goes well today and that a visit can be arranged when N.’s ready. I’m planning on taking pointers from you come July when it’s MAM’s turn to welcome J.’s baby!

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