And the Winner Is…

Kari from has won the fabulous prize drawing for submitting a non-adoption related post.  Kari is not someone I knew of before, but has adopted siblings from the foster system as well as is the adoptive parent to two children from the foster care system who have FASD.  I will definitely go back and read her past writing on her experiences with FASD, as its something that I’d like to learn more about to help the families I work with.

Anyway, as for the “fabulous prize,” I’ve really been thinking hard about this.  So many of us need to find ways to simplify our lives so that we can focus on our families, our causes, and ourselves…so I’m gonna send Kari a yearly subscription to a magazine I love–“Real Simple.”

Again, thanks for playing along everyone!  It was fun! (And Suz, if you still want to let loose of your new toaster oven…)

Here’s to keeping it simple in 2008! 


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2 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Wow! I never win anything! I don’t subscribe to any magazines either so that will be such a treat for me! Thank you!! ~Kari

  2. Congratulations Kari – I love that magazine. I haven’t seen your blog yet but am headed there to check it out now.

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