There’s Still Time Folks!

Since posting a challenge the other day that could win you adoption bloggers a FABULOUS PRIZE, I’ve had LOTS of hits to my post, and MANY of you who have taken up the challenge and wrote something nice and non-adoption related.  Contest ends as the ball drops on Time’s Square tonight, so you’ve still got time.

This has been a great thing for me to do, and I think great for everyone else as well.

  1. I’ve met some new folks and will be peeking in on their blogs to see what else is going on in blogland and family life.
  2. I’ve learned more about people that I already “knew” in some capacity, and it has helped me expand my view of who they really are, behind the scenes.
  3. I’ve gotten a few new recipes, and laughed at some great stories (there’s one about someone’s most embarrassing moment!)
  4. Most importantly, as new people have logged on here, I hope they go on to read not just my posts, but explore my blogroll as well to expand their own horizons.  I really hope they read my blogroll’s blogrolls as mine’s not as complete as it should be!

Let’s face it, if we are any of the three: adoptee, adoptive parents, first parents,  it seems impossible to separate adoption from who we are.  Who we are/were affects our decisions made about adoption (if we got to make any decisions about it at all), and our ties to adoption shade everything that we do thereafter.  If nothing else at times, we do have that in common…

Sometimes its just good to remember that aside from the words on the blog page, that behind the computer, we are all people, and should be valued and respected as such.

As for the FABULOUS PRIZE (boy, I hope I’m not hyping it up to be more that it will be), I am still mulling it over, and will probably give the lucky winner/player a choice of a few things I have in mind.  I’ll do the drawing tomorrow whenever I wake up from the post-New-Year’s-haze.  If indeed one can have such a thing from sitting on the couch in her jammies watching tv at home.

I wish you all a very happy, productive, prosperous and blessed 2008 and hope to be reading lots of things that continue to make me think!



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4 responses to “There’s Still Time Folks!

  1. suz

    As for the FABULOUS PRIZE

    I have a toaster oven I can donate…wink, wink.

    It was a great idea. Sorry I pooped on it. I just have this thing about keeping my adoption blog – adoption based. Call me rigid. Thematic, whatever. Its just me.

    I used to have a personal nonsense blog but who really cares about that stuff? Who cares if I have stories about shrinky dinks? Color my hair chronically, read voraciously or am planning a trip to Ireland? BORING!

    Hugs and happy new year.

  2. M.

    Haha, Suz, you said “poop”! And as for hair coloring, SHRINKY DINKS (I hate to ask, but I will!), and OMG a trip to IReland!! I care. Because I am too chicken to get too adventurous with my hair, I like to know what others are reading so I can read it too (or avoid it!), and in my perfect world I would travel all over. But be rigid if you will, my dear, because its something you need to do and is probably productive. Me? I’m a mess and all over the place and it gets me nowhere.

    Hugs to you too!

  3. suz

    Ugh. The Shrinky Dink story..I may post. I can actually make and adoption connection. (Can’t I always!)

  4. Hey, there, happiest of new years to you! Although I missed the contest, you got me thinking about all kinds of nice things – and that is GOOD! Thanks!

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