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A Meme–Because Mich Said So…

Ms Mich tagged me on a Seven Random Things About Me meme (did I already do one of these already??), and because I feel the need to keep in touch with my friends in blogdom in some way, and since I don’t have anything currently substantive to say about adoption today, and since Mich said so…I’ll do it happily.  Please try not to be TOO fascinated by my randomness–its embarrassing to those of us who have such randomnitude.

  1. In my family of origin, there are 6 members.  From oldest to youngest (from father down to my little sis), our first names start with the following letters:  A, B, C, D, E, K .  Poor K turned into our last initial, otherwise she would have had to been named Farrah or Fergie or Filomena or something.
  2. I think there is little in the world more tasty than custard.  Tapioca is a yummy, close second.
  3. Four cd’s I have sitting on my desk right now are: Dierks Bently (Modern Day Drifter), Trisha Yearwood (Jasper County), Alison Krauss/Union Station Live, and Josh Groban (Closer).
  4. My first real “rock star” crush as a little kid was with Andy Gibb.
  5. The last book I finished was “Wicked”–definitely interesting and thought provoking.  How in the world did they make a Broadway musical about that??
  6. I have a fuzzy red scarf on right now that looks akin to “Elmo”
  7. I just got a new camera delivered yesterday and I am really excited to play with it this weekend!

No tags to the people–if you participate let me know–I think its fun to read other’s random facts!



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Before and After

Three Years Ago on a Day Off Work:

I’m off work for the day, Cha-Ching!  Open my left eye just long enough to confirm that my alarm won’t go off unnecessarily.  Sleep til 10am.  Get up and eat a bowl of cereal while watching “The View.”  Maybe read the paper.  Shower and put on sweats.  Do a load of laundry.  Take a nap while listening to the tv tuned to either a soap opera or “A Baby Story.”  Wake up in time to eat a quick lunch and watch another episode of “A Baby Story.”  Read a book or goof around on the internet.  MAYBE do another load of laundry or the dishes.  Doze off until I realize that hubby will be home soon and see that I’ve done nothing all day.  Start dinner and look busy as he walks through the door.

Today on my Day Off Work:

I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks!  Wake up at 6:30 instead of my usual 5:45 (yay!  I got to sleep in!).  Run a comb through my hair, go start a load of laundry and get Woob’s clothes and milk ready.  Get the boy up and dressed.  Pull out all my tricks to get him to sit on my lap and look at books while he drinks his milk.  Convince him to get his coat on so he can go to daycare.  Take little dude to daycare, because that is the only way I’ll get ANYTHING done today. Go straight to Wal-Fart to pick up a birthday card for N., various household organization items, and things I forgot at the grocery store two days ago, all the while relishing the freedom to walk down any aisle I want and take as long as I want doing it because I’m not on schedule, nor do I have a toddler attempting to climb out of the cart or demand that I somehow push the cart without touching the cart because only he can touch the cart (sigh).  Go home, and eat a quick breakfast, while checking out what’s going on online and listening to Regis and Kelly.  Do a quick scan of the house, putting things where they go as I move along.  Clean the bathroom, do a nother load of laundry, load the dishwasher, sort through various outgrown baby clothes and toys to load up for storage or Goodwill.  Clean out the “crap” room that has been loading up with bits and pieces of various junk that goes nowhere else.  Willy nilly throwing away of anything and everything I can get away with.  Vacuum, dust.  Mop the kitchen floor (oh, my poor, poor floors…)  and shampoo the carpets.  Take a quick bite of lunch and cruise around online again.  Shower.  Start supper.  Go through bills and finances (oh, my poor, poor finances…).  Go get the boy from daycare, feeling guilty that I sent him there on my day off at all.


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Baby’s Back ‘On’

In case you didn’t catch my addendum to the post Friday, they sent N. back home after originally telling her she’d be having her baby that day.  She was bummed and ready to meet her new little girl.  I got an email tonight that she’ll be induced first thing tomorrow morning.  She sounded excited and she’s got an air of hope about her.  She’ll be great, I’m sure.  The funny thing about it all is that originally we were planning to go this weekend for a visit before the baby was born (her due date isn’t for a week and a half).  Obviously, knowing the baby was coming sometime this week, we decided to lay low and hold off on a visit and assumed that was just a given.  Apparently not.  She’s still thinking at the time of her email that we’ll be coming up.  There’s gonna be so much going on and she, in my opinion, needs this time with her family and friends to celebrate the birth of her little girl.  Yes, we are her friends and Woob is her family, but…

I’m really afraid that our presence so near the time of her delivery could really trigger some heavy stuff with her.  I mean, the last time we saw her in a hospital, she had just given birth to Woob.  She was crying as she left and as we were comforting the baby after his circumcision.  It wasn’t a time that felt good for ANY of us.  How could it be okay to be there at this point??

On the other hand, I am a class A worrier, and awfulize everything, usually unnecessarily.  That and, I’m not her mother.  She already has one of those.  So who am I to impose what I think she will or won’t be feeling or thinking.  Heck, with some of the turmoil that goes on in her life and family, maybe we’re some of the most stable people around for her and she needs us there.  I just don’t know how to judge it.

I don’t think we’ll come this weekend, that’s for sure.  Next weekend at the VERY earliest, but, gah…I just remember how TIRED I was one week, two weeks, a month into the sleep deprivation.  Of course, I’m old compared to her youth, so that’s no way to gage it either, I suppose.

I don’t know…

I’m just happy Little Sis is coming, I know N. is looking forward to meeting her and so are we. 


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Moms Say the Funniest Things

Okay–add this to the page of things that sound weird even to my own ears as I’m saying them…

“Sweetie, don’t bite Spider Man’s head, it hurts his feelings.”  😉


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There’s Gonna Be a New Kid in Town

Quite possibly TODAY.  I got an email from N’s dad from 1a.m. (thank you, G for not making my phone ring just then–you would have woken-the-just-put-to-sleep-again-Woobie and I’d have had to hurt you, God help me!).  But I digress, even in the first or second sentence…

Pretty much the gist is that one way or another, Woob’s little sis is going to be born today. A teence over two weeks early.  In my mind, she will pop into this world pink with dark hair, a slight attitude, and a huge heart with a capacity to love mightily.  She will have round, full cheeks and a mouth puckered up and shaped like a rose.  She will be Woob’s sister.

Say a little prayer that all is well right now, as I have no idea what’s really going on.  They’re a few hours away from us.  I know her mom is with her as is C.  That is all very, very good.

We were planning to visit next weekend as a “pre-birth” visit, knowing it might be awhile before we’d have another opportunity.  I don’t know what we’ll do as far as that goes now.

Such excitement!  As soon as I hear anything, I’m getting on the phone and sending flowers!

Edited to add:  Darn doctors…just heard from G. who says they did just finally release her without having given birth as of yet.  They’re gonna let her hang on a little longer, hopefully through the week.


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An Added Bonus from the Contest

I followed a link or two from Kari (the winner’s) blog and found his one:  .  For those of you who like to eat well, but simply, you MUST go check this out!!

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And the Winner Is…

Kari from has won the fabulous prize drawing for submitting a non-adoption related post.  Kari is not someone I knew of before, but has adopted siblings from the foster system as well as is the adoptive parent to two children from the foster care system who have FASD.  I will definitely go back and read her past writing on her experiences with FASD, as its something that I’d like to learn more about to help the families I work with.

Anyway, as for the “fabulous prize,” I’ve really been thinking hard about this.  So many of us need to find ways to simplify our lives so that we can focus on our families, our causes, and ourselves…so I’m gonna send Kari a yearly subscription to a magazine I love–“Real Simple.”

Again, thanks for playing along everyone!  It was fun! (And Suz, if you still want to let loose of your new toaster oven…)

Here’s to keeping it simple in 2008! 


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