Fun and Games for Adoption Bloggers

Okay, guys.  I don’t like this.  This emptiness in my blog reader that has possibly occurred because of the holidays and everyone being busy–but more than likely because everyone is tired of the mean back-and-forth that went on over the past few weeks.  I don’t like it at all.

I’ve got an idea to lift some spirits–a little game.  Here are the rules.  Just take a few minutes to post a short tidbit of something nice.  Doesn’t matter what its about.  As long as it isn’t about adoption.  Talk about THE gift you got for Christmas.  Talk about someone who did something nice in your community.  Talk about your cat.  I don’t care.  Just talk.  And make it nice.

When you write your little nice tidbit, link back here.  On New Year’s day, I will put you (well, not YOU, but your name) in a hat and randomly pull out a lucky winner to win a FABULOUS PRIZE yet to be named.  Why is it yet to be named?? Because I just this minute decided to do this little contest and haven’t figured it out yet!  But rest assured it will be fabulous, or at least FUN, or maybe weird…and more than likely inexpensive.

So there it is.  Its come to this.  I am offering to pay off people to talk to me.  How sad this whole adoption thing has become.  How very sad.

I love and miss you all!



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24 responses to “Fun and Games for Adoption Bloggers

  1. I did it! I did it! Do I get a fabulous prize for being first???

  2. thanksgivingmom

    I did my serious post today, so tomorrow something not so serious. Maybe I’ll even try to say “assface” again. Or wait, you said write something nice…I’ll try! haha

  3. Ok, I’ve got a happy post up and linked here. My guess is that people will start coming out of the holidaze soon! What a great way to start the new year!

  4. I found your blog this morning and thought it looked like fun so I wrote and linked to you.

    My adoption connection- I have 4 adopted siblings (my parents adopted a sibling group from the foster care system)and I am the mom to 2 children we adopted from the foster care system as well as to 4 “homemade” kids. Our two adopted children both have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) so I often write about that issue on my blog.

    Nice to meet you! Happy 2008! ~Kari

  5. Got my link up. This sounds fun!

  6. suz

    Ugh. See, I am hard core about keeping my blog adoption based. These really pushes me out of my comfort zone. Also, everything in my life has an adoption slant…hmm, must ponder.

  7. M.

    HA! Suz, that’s so funny! The things you write about on your blog push me out of my comfort zone sometimes too, but they’re always good things for me to read. I am pushing you towards something FUN and NONCONTROVERSIAL–Go, go, go! Do it, do it, do it! 🙂

    I like seeing other folks’ “other side” once in awhile. And remember the “fabulous prize”!

  8. I’ll play. Here is a link to my post about bottle weaning.

    It is both happy (mostly) and nice. 🙂

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    I got sucked into reading the drama for the last couple of weeks and then got really bummed that at least two of my birthmother blogging friends have closed up posting about adoption. But, after being on hiatus myself in posting about adoption, I’m quite pleased that I have blogged about adoption this past week or so!

  11. I linked back to you as well…..

  12. I want to play toot! I included a link to your blog in the content — is that what you meant by link back? Here’s where my story is:

    Thanks for the fun!

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  14. I linked here as well; my post (about a dragon boat race) can be found at:


  15. cloudscome

    You are so right! I’ll play along with a new year’s haiku I wrote:

  16. joyceregina

    Hi Mama2Roo: Nice to meet you.
    Christmas was wonderful. The tree trimming was beautiful warm tones of rust, copper, gold and warm yellow lights with pearlized sprays here and up.
    Nice so far? My presents, hmm. Two Jewelry boxes, One stands 4-1/2′ high in warm wood. The other, a smaller one sits on a dresser in warm wood. That was “nice”! I am not a jewelry person, I do not wear any of it. So, if your prize is a jewelry box it’s been fun linking here anyway.

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  19. I wrote about my new Japan made Bento lunch box which I love!Nice to take a break from writing about social workers and being a waiting parent.

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