Its not YOU, its ME.

Hi there!  It’s me–remember me?  I’m the one who reads your blogs religiously, but then went signed on to a blog reader which makes me less likely to comment if I haven’t been properly “signed in” to wordpress or blogger.  I’m the one who says I’ll go back to your lovely post (such as this one from HeatherS, and this one from Lainey-Painey) and make a comment later, but then sadly, forget to.  You see, I haven’t forgotten you.  If it feels as if we’re breaking up, please know that its ME, not YOU, and we can still be friends, right?

Oh, I can’t blame all of the neglect of our relationship on just one thing, like a blog reader.  I have to say that I’ve just gotten so BUSY, what with all the Christmas shopping left to do (!!), P2R having sinus surgery (!!!), and a power-hungry little toddler(!!!!), that instead of dealing with it all, I’m shutting down a little bit.  I’ve become quite unreliable, really, so if you feel like you need some time apart, I completely understand.

I hope when all the activity of the season dies down that we can rekindle our relationships (Jenn, I’m talking to you!  Have the Harry Potter Fanfic people taken you hostage never to be heard from again??).  We’ll take it slow, no strings attached.  Promise. 

So, until we meet again, you should know that I L….L…L….(sheesh, the “L word” is so hard to say!), well, I really think fondly of you and think of you often.




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  1. oh you are not the only one! I have grand intentions too…and then get commanded by one who shall remain nameless, “NO ‘PUTER!! CLOSE IT!!!” and as I go to put said ‘puter to sleep, I get the next demand,”MY DO IT! MY CLOSE DA ‘PUTER!!!” and I quickly remove my fingers before she who shall remain nameless snaps the laptop shut and I’m off to do something crazy, like dance to “Jingle Bell Rock” or play with the Nativity set, or read a Christmas book…..which is probably what I should have been doing in the first place. Until I get displaced by say, a Dora video. Then I’m free to do as I please while she who shall remain nameless goes on a musical adventure with her little friends 🙂

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