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Fun and Games for Adoption Bloggers

Okay, guys.  I don’t like this.  This emptiness in my blog reader that has possibly occurred because of the holidays and everyone being busy–but more than likely because everyone is tired of the mean back-and-forth that went on over the past few weeks.  I don’t like it at all.

I’ve got an idea to lift some spirits–a little game.  Here are the rules.  Just take a few minutes to post a short tidbit of something nice.  Doesn’t matter what its about.  As long as it isn’t about adoption.  Talk about THE gift you got for Christmas.  Talk about someone who did something nice in your community.  Talk about your cat.  I don’t care.  Just talk.  And make it nice.

When you write your little nice tidbit, link back here.  On New Year’s day, I will put you (well, not YOU, but your name) in a hat and randomly pull out a lucky winner to win a FABULOUS PRIZE yet to be named.  Why is it yet to be named?? Because I just this minute decided to do this little contest and haven’t figured it out yet!  But rest assured it will be fabulous, or at least FUN, or maybe weird…and more than likely inexpensive.

So there it is.  Its come to this.  I am offering to pay off people to talk to me.  How sad this whole adoption thing has become.  How very sad.

I love and miss you all!



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Dual Identity?

For all five of you who read this blog, you may remember me discussing the possibility of adding to our family sometime in the near future.  Well, discussions have been had, decisions have been made (for now).  I am starting a new blog to keep the infertility stuff somewhat separate from the adoption stuff, though I have no doubt it will all overlap here and there.  If this journey doesn’t interest you in the least, that’s cool.  I get it.  If it does, however, you can check in from time to time at


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Two Thought-Provoking Things I’ve Read Today


 Then go here and here.

Have a great day! 

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Its not YOU, its ME.

Hi there!  It’s me–remember me?  I’m the one who reads your blogs religiously, but then went signed on to a blog reader which makes me less likely to comment if I haven’t been properly “signed in” to wordpress or blogger.  I’m the one who says I’ll go back to your lovely post (such as this one from HeatherS, and this one from Lainey-Painey) and make a comment later, but then sadly, forget to.  You see, I haven’t forgotten you.  If it feels as if we’re breaking up, please know that its ME, not YOU, and we can still be friends, right?

Oh, I can’t blame all of the neglect of our relationship on just one thing, like a blog reader.  I have to say that I’ve just gotten so BUSY, what with all the Christmas shopping left to do (!!), P2R having sinus surgery (!!!), and a power-hungry little toddler(!!!!), that instead of dealing with it all, I’m shutting down a little bit.  I’ve become quite unreliable, really, so if you feel like you need some time apart, I completely understand.

I hope when all the activity of the season dies down that we can rekindle our relationships (Jenn, I’m talking to you!  Have the Harry Potter Fanfic people taken you hostage never to be heard from again??).  We’ll take it slow, no strings attached.  Promise. 

So, until we meet again, you should know that I L….L…L….(sheesh, the “L word” is so hard to say!), well, I really think fondly of you and think of you often.



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