Go Read Claud’s Blog

This week, Claud wrote two posts on her alternate blog that were just so touching and beautifully written.  Writing about all she and her placed son missed over the years, and reflecting on how her life would be different now if she would have made even one different choice all those years ago.  How the choices that followed would have been different as well.  If you haven’t read these posts, please do.  As I was reading, it just struck me, really struck me, that when women are making choices based on all the reasons they should place, all the things they’ll gain from it, all the good that will come of it…no one is telling them all the things they’ll miss.  All the things their child will miss.  I already knew this on a different level.  I believe women should receive counseling and make decisions based on the WHOLE truth of what adoption means.  But somehow these little pieces of writing had me FEELING it in a very different way.  Thank you, Claud.


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