All My Hoosier Bloggy Friends Went to the Children’s Museum and All I Got Was…

this lousy weekend!

I was so bummed not to get to go to the Hoosier Get-together (and am waiting anxiously to hear about all the fun!  And see pictures!)  But its had been a rather trying week, which continued throughout the weekend.  Short story:  Woob was injured, now he’s getting better.  Mama was sick, now she’s better.  Woob’s been a total BEAR, which is making mama cranky as well.  If we would have taken our chances and made the trip it would have ended badly for everyone involved.  Very.  Badly.

The high point was me running away from home Sunday afternoon for some retail therapy at the mall.  It wasn’t very therapeutic (at one point I was crying in the GAP changing room for no real reason), but I did pick up some cute jeans, a new pair of shoes and some sweaters I didn’t hate.


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6 responses to “All My Hoosier Bloggy Friends Went to the Children’s Museum and All I Got Was…

  1. Here’s to peace and quiet for a few days!! Sometimes the planets just align, and we get crapped on. I hope things settle down in your world soon!

  2. Indeed, Margie. Indeed. Thanks.

  3. Oh, Em. I’m sorry you couldn’t go.

  4. younevergetoverit

    We missed you, Em! But we also decided that we were gonna get together much more often–no reason not to! Just know you were there in our thoughts!

  5. thanksgivingmom

    Sorry your plans got all messed up, that sucks!

    And for the record, the Childrens’ Museum in Indianapolis is one of my absolute favorite places in the enitre world! (Even though I live in SoCal…)

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