I’m a Big, Fat Dork

No surprise there, right??  Okay, I’ve been doing this bloggy thing HOW LONG now??  And yesterday I finally put all my blogroll onto a feed reader for the first time.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve been so committed to each of you that I log on individually to each and every one every day sometimes more than once, often to see that there’s nothing new.  And after taking a whole 10 minutes to figure the whole thing out, now I can see with just a few pushes of the button what ya’ll are up to, or that you’re not up to much at all.  Please tell me, was I the ONLY one out there taking the long way??  Was I the ONLY one kind of scared that it would be hard to figure out?  You don’t have to come right out and admit it all public and such, but I know that there may be a few stragglers left out there…and if I WASN’T the last techologically challenged person out there and you are too, and you’re reading this…I gotta say, come on over to the dark side.  You’ll get more done in your day this way!  And for those of you who want to make fun of me–feel free.  I deserve it!



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12 responses to “I’m a Big, Fat Dork

  1. I’m going to miss seeing you pop in my stats every day. 🙂

  2. roni

    OK I’ll admit, I haven’t done one yet! But, well, I’m new to blogging so I got time-RIGHT??!!

  3. Oh my.

    Glad you got it all figured out there sister. 🙂


  4. Coco

    I still read from my blogroll. Shhh. 😉

  5. It took me forever to even hear about it, and look it up, once I did was was SO glad! 🙂 But now I keep finding blogs I used to watch that I forgot or somehow missed adding to the reader! DOH!

    (by the way, IM TAGGING YOU cuz um, I can) (I know, Im mean)

  6. Nope, I learn something every single day.

    And depending on the reader you use, I can tell you how to get the code into your blogroll, so every time you add a blog to the reader it pops into the blogroll automagically. Works with Bloglines, anyway!

  7. oh, cool Margie! tell me how, tell me how! (g**gle reader)

  8. Um … yeah. I’m still visiting one by one every day. Gulp, is it really not as overwhelming as it seems? Where to start?

  9. oh, yay, Gretchen, my sister in dorkdom 😉 I didn’t shop around for a reader, but used my already created Google account, and signed into google. Then cut and pasted each address from my blogroll and voila! It honestly took 10 minutes to do, and it just adds posts as they are written. Just lovely. I will be adding more to my reader as time goes on. I am sure it does schmancier stuff than that, but I’m just getting started.

  10. Yes, I read off bookmarks… Well I have few RSS feeds bookmarked, but bookmarks is what it is. I should try this reader stuff…

  11. younevergetoverit

    I read everyone from my blogroll!
    I am a dork, too! lol

  12. storkwatcher


    I’m behind the times. I always wondered how Jenna could get updated so quickly….

    I’ll have to look into this…

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