“Mama2Roo Needs…”

I just read this meme over at www.lifeisjustsodaily.blogspot.com and thought it looked like fun.  You enter your first name into Google search with the word “needs” and see what kinds of phrases come up.  Here’s what I came up with when I put in my name (substituted here with my online name)…

Mama2Roo Needs:

  • to give Tim food.
  • a new computer.
  • to be told no and to be whipped into shape by nanny 911 (! ! !)
  • female roommates.
  • our help picking out undergarments.
  • your support.
  • to learn how to deal.
  • help getting ready for a date.
  • to work harder this week.

Pretty funny, heh?  Try it yourself and see what YOU need today! 



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3 responses to ““Mama2Roo Needs…”

  1. you need help undies shopping?
    …well, of course you do. you know, to get ready for your big date.


  2. storkwatcher

    Oooh – I want to do it! Can I play? That’ll be my next post this week… Or the one after my next post this week. Or the one after the post I keept forgetting to post this week about last weekend……

  3. hehe–Stork, you post it whenever you want! It is fun!

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