Playing Nice with Others

I’m proud to be a person who tries to “play nicely with others,” and I’ve been honored over the past few weeks by two Hoosier-Bloggy-Adoption-Friends for it.  I honestly do believe that “Nice Matters,” although (sorry to burst your bubble), sometimes I feel anything BUT nice.  So when my friends tagged me for this award, during the most hectic, stressful, and grouchy time of year for me, it made me happy, brought on a calm niceness that had been missing for a little while, and gave me something to look forward to writing about when all the chaos died down.  So to Marci and Stork, I thank you for that!  As far as passing on the love…well, because I’m so “nice,” I love everyone so its hard for me to pick three (Gosh, does this sound like the start of a speech from “The Bachelor?”).  But I have to pick these guys first, because darn it, I just find them to be SO NICE!

Sherri from Everyday Miracle has a lovely large family, which she shares with us through her beautiful gift of writing.  Sherri’s faith and joy in living is an absolute inspiration to me and when I’m having a really bad day, her posts can just lift me up and make me realize that happiness and beauty and God can be found in the little things.  She’s now running a thankfulness series that you can participate in.  Go check her out and say hello.

Heather from Production Not Reproduction is just so smart in her approach to open adoption with “Puppy’s” parents and writes well about that experience.  Even more fun for me is that she is my “sister-in-television.”  While the rest of the world rails against pop culture and the evils of television, Heather “gets me.” J  Also, she does nice things, like run fun contests and passes on reading materials.  If that’s not nice, I don’t know what is!

Gretchen from Adoptive Mama Musings is in the processes of opening further her relationship with “Maevey Gravy’s” mom.  When I began that with Woob’s mom, Gretchen was right there being REALLY supportive when I was worried about doing every little thing right.  That was really nice, and I hope as she needs similar support, I can return the favor.  Gretchen is a talented writer and photographer and just really funny!  I do really wish she didn’t live all the way on the east coast…

So, you newly nominated nice people…tell us who you think is nice, so we can visit them.



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3 responses to “Playing Nice with Others

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you!! This will be fun to pass on. I suppose I can’t nominate you, huh?

  2. StorkWatcher

    Thanks for pointing out a couple new blogs to try! Can’t wait to meet your “nice” friends!!!

  3. Oh, Stork–I know so many nice, nice bloggy people–please check out my blogroll!

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