Assorted Snapshots of My Life

  • This weekend Woob’s mama and her boyfriend are coming to visit!
  • My back is feeling better but not altogether happy.  Thank you for your well-wishes.
  • My boy has reached the stage where shoes that blink and pajamas with “Cars” on the belly really rock.  Problem is, he wants to wear blinky shoes to bed and “Cars” pajamas to daycare.  Is there a problem with either of those things?
  • The new fall television season has begun!  Can you feel the excitement in the air??  NEW TV SHOWS!!
  • My housekeeping is SO not good right now.
  • We’re still tossing around the whole infertility/adding to the family thing…nothing really to report, because we’ve been too busy to think about it with any clarity.
  • Is there something wrong with me that I just turned 38 and the last two movies I went to see were “Knocked Up” and “Super Bad”?  I really think there’s something wrong with me.
  • Cancer is BAD and becoming far too prevalent in the people around me (and probably those around you, too).  Please do what you can to assist in the fight against it, whether it be your time, your money, or even doing what it takes to prevent it in yourself.
  • Its RAINING here for the first time in FOREVER!  And its below 90 degrees outside–BONUS!


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2 responses to “Assorted Snapshots of My Life

  1. Hey friend! Hope you have a great visit this weekend and that your back continues to mend…


  2. Can’t wait to hear how the visit goes. Keep us posted. (As much as you can share on the world wide web..)

    TV Shows: awesome! Housekeeping: Overrated…

    PJ’s during the day: Sounds fine to me. Pick your battles… Maybe put the shirt with jeans and no one will notice…

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