Oh, Happy Birthday to Me…

I am only four days into my 38th year, and I’ll be darned if my back didn’t go out this morning.  Getting ready to leave for my annual birthday brunch with the in-laws, I bent down to pick up the Woob and when I stood up, I felt a crack in my lower back and knew that I was done for.  Its not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time it has been injured to this extent while handling the baby.  It makes me feel terribly old for one thing, but also sad.  This afternoon I did everything I could to care for myself and loosen the thing up, but no amount of cold compress, pain reliever or taking it easy will make it okay to pick my boy up right now. 

On a sweeter note, the same day I turned 38, Woob turned 18 months.  Yep, I blinked, and there it went.  The tiny baby we just brought home (just yesterday??) can now count to 10, fill in some of the ABCs, sing along to Snuggle Puppy, climb into the bathtub himself, use a fork, run, voice his opinion on some things, and has 12 teeth.  Oh, and something sweet he’s just started, is when he wants me to look at something, he’ll come grab my hand and lead me along.  I LOVE holding hands with my little guy–simply bliss.  I’d follow him anywhere.

So as I sit here with my ice pack watching the Emmy’s, and contemplate calling in sick to work tomorrow, I have to say I’m looking forward to what the rest of this year has to bring, and where my little Woob is going to lead me next.



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8 responses to “Oh, Happy Birthday to Me…

  1. Ouch! Hope your back feels better soon.

    Happy belated birthday, friend.

  2. Jen

    Oh no…I did that a few weeks ago while bending over for paper towels while trying to hold Ebaby on my hip…

    I thought I was dying. It wasn’t the first time for me, either.

    You’re not old…you’re like wine and cheese: getting better with age. Besides, why would we want to be young again and go through all that angsty crap? Old rocks.

    As long as you stay older than me! *snorts*

  3. Oh, Jen, please tell me how you are over the angsty stuff?? I just traded teenage angst for grown-up kind at some point.

    Thanks, guys for the well-wishes.

  4. Don’t feel old. I am only 25 and have the worst back problems ever. I have even had physical therapy. And I have days, too often to think about, where I cannot pick up my boy. Mine is a nerve thing, so no real advice… Hope you are feeling better today!

  5. Back pain is the WORST! Feel better and happy birthday! 🙂


  6. Happiest of birthdays (belated) – and I hope your back is healing. So not fun when your back hurts . . .

  7. reunionwritings

    Is your back better now?

  8. Ooooohhhh, sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated!!!

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