And Now, The News…

Just wanted to update those of you in my little community about what’s going on with N. and our family.  I tell ya, we’re really blessed for things to be going like they are.  Poor N., on the other hand has had some challenges in her own life lately that I think only time will help overcome.  But she’s hanging in there and doing what needs to be done in her way.

We’ve been emailing lately just about the start of school and things.  LittleBaby is due to arrive mid-January, and she and C. are really excited about it.  I think that’s so important, that moms and the people around them be allowed to be excited about the coming of a new little life, despite the circumstances and challenges.  The mom deserves it, as does the precious babe.

Anyway, we were able to finally touch base over the phone last night and she shared some of her family dramas going on.  It really sucks for her that she has to go through this (even though at that age, I think we ALL had do go through at least a little bit of that).  But, despite the suckiness of it all, I felt great that she felt comfortable enough to unload–she trusted me with that.  So finally, all her family knows the baby is coming, and she’s been to the doctor. (*relief*).  Baby is healthy and growing and active, and the most fun news of all is they believe fairly certainly that LittleBaby is going to be LittleGirlBaby!!  Woobie with a little sister.  What could be more precious?   And she will undoubtedly be stunning and terribly smart as well.

We were also able to make plans for another visit for late this month!  Still a few logistics to figure out to ensure they’re comfortable, especially sleeping.  A couch and an airbed (for a pregnant woman??) is the best we can do without just booking a hotel room for them, which we just might do–but I don’t want them to think we don’t want them here, so looking to proceed cautiously on that one.

Anyway, this is how our open adoption is looking right now.  A year ago, this wasn’t even an option.  Next year, who knows how things will be?  I’m just enjoying this little piece of our lives right now.



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13 responses to “And Now, The News…

  1. Wow – amazing how much life has changed for your family now that it is so much more whole! I’ll keep N. in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. 🙂

    Maybe give up your bed to the preggo princess, and you guys take the couch/air mattress.

  3. Oh, Lainey, I thought about that, too. The only deal is that our bedroom is right by the nursery and Woob gets up at *drumrollll* 6-6:30 a.m. each and every day regardless of weekend status. I’m thinking my girl usually sleeps a little later than that 🙂 It is still an option, though.

  4. oh, the couch and airbed option would also be located in the basement, so the guests would not have to wake up AT ALL during our morning melee.

  5. Precious. I’m very happy for you. Enjoy…

  6. Arg. I meant to say “all of you” and in reworking something, I got happy with the backspace button and didn’t notice until it posted.

    It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. For all of you and especially Woob. These are the things that really matter.

  7. That is THE BEST! I’m so glad for everyone!!

  8. StorkWatcher

    So glad the contact is continuing and going so well! I’m glad she has some support right now, and that there’s an upcoming visit!

  9. honestly, when i was pregnant i got the best sleep ever when i slept on my couch. i lived on that thing the last 2 months. congrats to all, baby’s are so exciting 🙂

  10. Lauren

    I need your e-mail address! I can’t find it on here!


  11. This just warms my heart, but your blog does that every time I visit. How wonderful that a little sister is on the way for Woobie – and how wonderful that she can share experience of her sister’s arrival this way.

    You are good people 🙂

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