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Assorted Snapshots of My Life

  • This weekend Woob’s mama and her boyfriend are coming to visit!
  • My back is feeling better but not altogether happy.  Thank you for your well-wishes.
  • My boy has reached the stage where shoes that blink and pajamas with “Cars” on the belly really rock.  Problem is, he wants to wear blinky shoes to bed and “Cars” pajamas to daycare.  Is there a problem with either of those things?
  • The new fall television season has begun!  Can you feel the excitement in the air??  NEW TV SHOWS!!
  • My housekeeping is SO not good right now.
  • We’re still tossing around the whole infertility/adding to the family thing…nothing really to report, because we’ve been too busy to think about it with any clarity.
  • Is there something wrong with me that I just turned 38 and the last two movies I went to see were “Knocked Up” and “Super Bad”?  I really think there’s something wrong with me.
  • Cancer is BAD and becoming far too prevalent in the people around me (and probably those around you, too).  Please do what you can to assist in the fight against it, whether it be your time, your money, or even doing what it takes to prevent it in yourself.
  • Its RAINING here for the first time in FOREVER!  And its below 90 degrees outside–BONUS!


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Whoever it is You Pray To…

Please keep a family in your thoughts right now.  No details except it relates to a young couple and their newborn.  They so much need your help, and they don’t even know it.

Thank You! 

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Playing Nice with Others

I’m proud to be a person who tries to “play nicely with others,” and I’ve been honored over the past few weeks by two Hoosier-Bloggy-Adoption-Friends for it.  I honestly do believe that “Nice Matters,” although (sorry to burst your bubble), sometimes I feel anything BUT nice.  So when my friends tagged me for this award, during the most hectic, stressful, and grouchy time of year for me, it made me happy, brought on a calm niceness that had been missing for a little while, and gave me something to look forward to writing about when all the chaos died down.  So to Marci and Stork, I thank you for that!  As far as passing on the love…well, because I’m so “nice,” I love everyone so its hard for me to pick three (Gosh, does this sound like the start of a speech from “The Bachelor?”).  But I have to pick these guys first, because darn it, I just find them to be SO NICE!

Sherri from Everyday Miracle has a lovely large family, which she shares with us through her beautiful gift of writing.  Sherri’s faith and joy in living is an absolute inspiration to me and when I’m having a really bad day, her posts can just lift me up and make me realize that happiness and beauty and God can be found in the little things.  She’s now running a thankfulness series that you can participate in.  Go check her out and say hello.

Heather from Production Not Reproduction is just so smart in her approach to open adoption with “Puppy’s” parents and writes well about that experience.  Even more fun for me is that she is my “sister-in-television.”  While the rest of the world rails against pop culture and the evils of television, Heather “gets me.” J  Also, she does nice things, like run fun contests and passes on reading materials.  If that’s not nice, I don’t know what is!

Gretchen from Adoptive Mama Musings is in the processes of opening further her relationship with “Maevey Gravy’s” mom.  When I began that with Woob’s mom, Gretchen was right there being REALLY supportive when I was worried about doing every little thing right.  That was really nice, and I hope as she needs similar support, I can return the favor.  Gretchen is a talented writer and photographer and just really funny!  I do really wish she didn’t live all the way on the east coast…

So, you newly nominated nice people…tell us who you think is nice, so we can visit them.


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Oh, Happy Birthday to Me…

I am only four days into my 38th year, and I’ll be darned if my back didn’t go out this morning.  Getting ready to leave for my annual birthday brunch with the in-laws, I bent down to pick up the Woob and when I stood up, I felt a crack in my lower back and knew that I was done for.  Its not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time it has been injured to this extent while handling the baby.  It makes me feel terribly old for one thing, but also sad.  This afternoon I did everything I could to care for myself and loosen the thing up, but no amount of cold compress, pain reliever or taking it easy will make it okay to pick my boy up right now. 

On a sweeter note, the same day I turned 38, Woob turned 18 months.  Yep, I blinked, and there it went.  The tiny baby we just brought home (just yesterday??) can now count to 10, fill in some of the ABCs, sing along to Snuggle Puppy, climb into the bathtub himself, use a fork, run, voice his opinion on some things, and has 12 teeth.  Oh, and something sweet he’s just started, is when he wants me to look at something, he’ll come grab my hand and lead me along.  I LOVE holding hands with my little guy–simply bliss.  I’d follow him anywhere.

So as I sit here with my ice pack watching the Emmy’s, and contemplate calling in sick to work tomorrow, I have to say I’m looking forward to what the rest of this year has to bring, and where my little Woob is going to lead me next.


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And Now, The News…

Just wanted to update those of you in my little community about what’s going on with N. and our family.  I tell ya, we’re really blessed for things to be going like they are.  Poor N., on the other hand has had some challenges in her own life lately that I think only time will help overcome.  But she’s hanging in there and doing what needs to be done in her way.

We’ve been emailing lately just about the start of school and things.  LittleBaby is due to arrive mid-January, and she and C. are really excited about it.  I think that’s so important, that moms and the people around them be allowed to be excited about the coming of a new little life, despite the circumstances and challenges.  The mom deserves it, as does the precious babe.

Anyway, we were able to finally touch base over the phone last night and she shared some of her family dramas going on.  It really sucks for her that she has to go through this (even though at that age, I think we ALL had do go through at least a little bit of that).  But, despite the suckiness of it all, I felt great that she felt comfortable enough to unload–she trusted me with that.  So finally, all her family knows the baby is coming, and she’s been to the doctor. (*relief*).  Baby is healthy and growing and active, and the most fun news of all is they believe fairly certainly that LittleBaby is going to be LittleGirlBaby!!  Woobie with a little sister.  What could be more precious?   And she will undoubtedly be stunning and terribly smart as well.

We were also able to make plans for another visit for late this month!  Still a few logistics to figure out to ensure they’re comfortable, especially sleeping.  A couch and an airbed (for a pregnant woman??) is the best we can do without just booking a hotel room for them, which we just might do–but I don’t want them to think we don’t want them here, so looking to proceed cautiously on that one.

Anyway, this is how our open adoption is looking right now.  A year ago, this wasn’t even an option.  Next year, who knows how things will be?  I’m just enjoying this little piece of our lives right now.


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