I’ve been thinking about “up” a lot lately, because there seems to be never enough of it at our house. As the mom of a toddler, who’s getting ever taller and better at s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g to get things, I can’t get enough things up fast enough. I’m constantly needing to quickly pick up the remote, the phone, the laptop, books, nail clippers, hairclips, dvd’s…it goes on and on. I’m running out of locked cabinet and drawer space and other shelf space.  Often the only place to put something is on the back of the sofa, and it falls on your head later.  I jokingly told my husband the other day that we need to just line the upper walls of the whole house with cabinets and just put EVERYTHING.  UP.

And then there’s the Woobie, who at the most inopportune times also wants up.  When I’m cooking dinner and have raw chicken or a big knife or a hot pan…”UP, UP, UP!!”  When I’m trying to curl my hair or vacuum the carpets…”UP!!”  When he’s in the tub with shampoo in his hair and soaking wet…”ALL DONE, UP!!” (and picture him climbing me to get out of the tub like that!). 

There’s not enough “up” in our house most days.   Not physically, anyway.

But then, there are days when I just drag home from work with no energy…and the little dude, with something so cute or funny, just lifts me right up with it.  When family members are sick or annoying or troubled and bring us down with those things, there he is again, needing us, pushing us, and lifting us up.  Early in the morning, he’s the first one up and the first one we want to see.  He’s a blessing in our lives, that little Woobie.  He raises our lives up higher than they would ever be without his presence.

“Up,” indeed.



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6 responses to “UP!

  1. Lauren

    Indeed, the little ones do lift us up when we need it most, don’t they?

    Love reading your blog.

  2. The best kind of UP there is, indeed. Well put, Em.

    (Ahem … don’t forget to put the laptop UP when you’re done checking in here! Ha!)

  3. Is Woobie tall? My BabyGirl is tall, and so everything needs to be even more UP than we’re used to doing with the other kid. *grin*

    And my energy level…not so UP.

    Love your post…nice and creative!

  4. StorkWatcher

    I know what you mean! I can be so exhausted by 5 pm when I’m dragging out of work and rushing home to see that baby doll – and it’s amazing how the energy comes back (maybe not EVERY time, but most!) so I can play outside with him or do something fun…

    And I’ve noticed now that he can reach UP into the open drawers for silverware — why on earth do we need SO MANY knives in our kitchen? I’m going to have to go through them and pitch 50% so they call all stay out of drawers and UP at the top and very back of the counters..

  5. agreed!

    …about everything.
    …things needing to be UP.
    …little ones wanting UP.
    …and little ones keeping us UP!


  6. This post really hit a responsive chord. Although my own children are young adults now (how and when did this happen?), my husband and I often have the grandchildren over. As a “laborer,” yesterday I was really looking forward to having a day free of labor, a day to read, putter around the house, watch a movie, dine with friends, and so forth. Watching a two year old and her eight week old sister were not on the agenda! However, their mom needed a little respite from the daily duties involved in carecaring so she dropped by for a visit.

    At first I was a tad peeved, but after five minutes, my spirit and enthusiasm were Up, Up and Up some more. There’s just something about the toddler vitality that’s contagious. Oh, and about getting into everything….As I was working in the kitchen, she walked in wearing six of my bracelets that had been hidden away in a lovely little jewelry box.

    After the little threesome left our home, it took several minutes to retrieve all the “treasures” we had placed out of her reach, but the good feelings of “upness” are still with us today.

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