Movie to Watch Out For

I went with a girlfiend to the movie for the first time tonight since Woob was tiny, tiny, tiny.  That was good.  We went to see “No Reservations” with Catherine Zeta Jones.  It was way different than I expected it to be…much better, but look out because its  tearjerker in parts.  Anyway…that’s not the purpose of this post. 

They showed a preview for the movie “August Rush” due out in November.  Robin Williams and Keri Russel are in it, and it looks like an adoption movie.  The online info suggests the baby is “orphaned by circumstance” but the scenes in the preview have someone telling Keri Russel’s character “You have to give the baby up.”  Other scenes showed this little boy apparently growing up in some sort of home, and possibly on the streets, trying to find his parents, and also shows Keri Russel going back to the hospital to find or reclaim her son, but she doesn’t know his name.  Someone asks her “well, if you didn’t want him, why are you looking for him?” to which she replied “I always wanted him.”

The whole thing looked heartbreaking and I hope against all hope that they did the film well.  We shall see.



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4 responses to “Movie to Watch Out For

  1. trixieintransit

    Went to see the same movie and caught this preview…it was distrubing. to me.

    I am tired of all the negative press associated with adoption and would love to see the story told where it all works well for first and second families and the child.

    Why must it all be drama?

  2. StorkWatcher

    Don’t know if I could handle that movie, but I was a BIG Felicity fan, and am glad to see she’s doing more film. I’ll look for the previews.

  3. I am DYING to see No Reservations! I am really hoping Shawn and I can arrange a date night soon. (Although more than likely, we will end up renting it once it comes out on DVD…)

    I had heard something about the Keri Russell movie. I can’t remember what I heard though. I will have to see the trailers before I decide whether or not I can watch it! Or maybe I will let others watch it and give reviews and then decide!!

  4. oh…I like both of them, so hopefully it WILL be a good movie.

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